The Hot-Headed Turtle
So much for Lo Mein!


Leonardo’s reply was instant. “No.” Sure he knew his brother fooled around with dimensional portals, leading them into unknown worlds, and in some cases even bring back or bring in trouble. The only reason they even did what they did was because of the shredder and krang.

"Don would never leave something like that open, we know the severity of it…" He paused as he leaned against the wall near him, deep in thought. Having Raphael’s angry gaze on him didn’t help matters at all, he didn’t want to be here as much as the turtle didn’t want him to be here. 

But it was good that he was talking to him then having to stand here in suffocating silence. He knew that the technodrome is still in dimension x, the tank being destroyed after the many battles. It was a wonder that shredder and the krang was able to keep the thing running for so long. Those two have been hiding or presumed dead, after they cowardly ran away after the defeat of lord dregg.

He was the one that designed the technodrome, but he’s also dead too from what he knows.

"All I know is that the technodrome is in dimension x, but the thing is… kind of worn out…" It would have to take a lot of man power to get the thing back up and running again, but if that’s right then these krang’s are the ones responsible. 

"These krang might have took the damaged tank and restored it."He was only guessing this though, there could be something a lot more different behind it. He crossed his arms and kept his face turned

All he did was work on the noodles which were in the box, and he listened to the little theories which this Leonardo had presented him. As he ate and listened, he had merely stared at the other Turtle who was obviously a bit nervous to be around him. It was something which he had an effect on people. Other Turtles included.

For the moment, Raphael had contemplated that maybe this wasn’t entirely this Leonardo and his team’s fault, or anyone else’s out there in the multiverse but perhaps the Kraang. Raphael knew that the dimensional barriers were weakening, torn down already if he was being realistic about things. There was a reason why his brother, Leonardo had told the other two Turtle teams that they needed to stop dimension hopping and that it was dangerous.

In fact, there was a new danger and it was in the form of the Kraang. It seemed as the deteriorating inter-dimensional barriers were perhaps something they were waiting for. Or something which had been going on for years. Raphael didn’t know, this was more or less Donatello’s forte but even then, Donatello hadn’t had a chance to study the multiverse.

The aggressive Turtle was sorely wishing that someone like Renet or even Kaos was here. He didn’t want to admit it but right now, even that crazy woman’s help and perhaps understanding would’ve given some sort of insight to things.

His mood dampened, Raphael had threw the chopsticks into the box and he had lowered the container or Lo Mein noodles down. He looked to Leonardo with a hard stare in his eyes and he grit his teeth.

"You said that you were chased here.. Had no idea where you were going. You’re supposed to be a fucking ninja.. How come you and your Turtles didn’t put up a fight? In fact.. I noticed that you Turtles don’t kill. You do know that’s what ninja do, right?"

Raphael had something of a point. Historically speaking, ninjas were both trained for espionage and assassins. While he didn’t know the particular history of this Leonardo and his Turtles, the truth of the ninja was that they were dealers of death and information. The fact that they hadn’t even killed their Shredder and his allies and minions.. was a sign that these Turtles had not been taught the truth of being a ninja.

"You could’ve stayed and fought.. Destroyed your enemies and there would be less to deal with. That’s something you should start considering."

He stood up, rising to his stature and now he had moved his way over towards the leader of the friendlier, pudgier Turtles. As soon as he neared Leonardo, Raphael stared at him directly in the eyes. While they were in spirit, brothers.. and even in the context of the multiverse, this rang true.. Raphael did not consider this Leonardo his brother.

An acquaintance at best.

"One last question.. Were you followed?"

Wrathful Protector


"Raphael," She repeated as he gave her his name. It made her lips tick upwards in a little smile. "It’s a good name," Not a name she would have ever thought about giving a turtle, but it suited him in some way. She couldn’t help but watch and be a little entranced by his movements. For all his bulk and for being the bearer of a large, heavy shell, he moved quiet fluidly. He seemed deep in thought and she stayed about an arm’s length away from him, wanting to be respectful about his space. 

It felt good to have her sodden socks off and she wriggled her toes on the hard, dry floor. She was looking forward to finding a way to strip her jeans off too which had sucked the water up nearly to her knees.  That would mean having to leave the other’s gruff presence and she wasn’t quite secure enough to do that. 

She’d been alone for a long time. Her parents had died when she was in high school, the family that took her in, the Stacy’s, died a couple years after taking her in (Gwen, by Norman’s hands as she would learn later by the mad man himself). Her marriage had ended early because she was too clingy, too needy.  She was by her own nature a very tactile person. Cherry liked to hug, to touch, to be near people in general. It was a confusing thing to desperately want physical interaction and contact, while simultaneously being scared to death of it, thanks to Norman’s handiwork.

Her anxiety was starting to lessen, her stammer starting to wane as she calmed, and she listened attentively to the large turtle who made a rough sound which contrasted greatly with the work he was doing with the delicate tea cup.

 ”You have?” She asked, genuinely. There was no sarcasm in her voice. She knew there were weird things on this earth. Norman liked to play mad scientist. He had shown her his ‘experiments’, and she knew there were super heroes out there, like Spider-Man. She was saved by a giant turtle who was a ninja. Why on earth did she have any reason to doubt him. “Then, I know I am in very good hands,” 

He turned to her, the cute tea cup in large, calloused, yet somehow nimble hands and offered it to her. She reached out to accept it gingerly and blow across the surface, making the steam dance away. “Thank you…” She took a small testing sip. It burned her lips and throat, but in a good way. She was chilled from her trek and was grateful for the warmth. The tea was sweet and earthy and gave a soft sigh, feeling more tension escape her “it isn’t so much that people haven’t…people have over the years, lots of people…but he recently had himself declared sane. He spent about a year in Ravencroft after being finally arrested. People think he’s some misunderstood soul, a poster child for broken mental health. Since he’s been declared sane, he’s been forgiven of his past crimes as the goblin, because he was not mentally competent, so legally he’s never committed a single crime. He’s been given a clean slate…and I’m one of the few people who could really screw that up for him,” She murmured. 

She had every reason to be mesmerized by the mutant pond slider. Very few people had managed to actually see a large, bipedal turtle who also appeared to be quite sentient while possessing he ability to speak. Raphael and his brothers were unique, though in the multiverse— there were OTHER mutant ninja Turtles. Some who were more similar to himself and his brothers, others who were vastly different.

He watched her carefully and noticed that she was covered in muck and grime. Wading around in the sewers tended to do that to practically everyone. However Raphael was very used to it considering the fact that he had spent a majority of his life down here. She needed to get out of those clothes but he didn’t have any other clothes to spare.. save for maybe men’s clothing which were hand-me downs.

From what Raphael could see.. she didn’t want to be left alone. Mentally, he had cursed and sighed silently. And here he had been making plans on finding this Osborn whom she had so feared and killing him. Raphael had taken on the Shredder, he had also fought the Shredder Elite, and by extension— he had also fought and helped Ch’rell, otherwise known as the Utrom Shredder. So many enemies.. Some more memorable than others. Among the two Shredder’s whom he had fought, he also had remembered defeating the mutant leech Bloodsucker, who had drained him of his mutagen rich blood and reverted him back to a normal Red Ear Slider. It was only then when Raphael had bitten the leech that he had contacted his mutagen rich blood and mutated again.

So how much of a threat could Norman Osborn be to him? A very high one had Raphael remembered the news reports and the papers.

But it seemed as if he was stuck here with Cherry.. Master Splinter was here, and he could keep her company but with his advancing age… It was probably best that he remain with her.

Raphael wanted nothing more than to unleash the aggression onto the man who had broken this woman. If the heroes whom she was accustomed to had repeatedly put this man into custody, he would break out again. Why deal with repeat offenders when the practical sense of things was to end them? Had Osborn been killed long ago, Cherry wouldn’t be here and in this predicament.

But she needed someone to listen to, and Raphael.. would have to be that person to listen. As Cherry had spoken, Raphael was reminded of the insane clown serial killer who had intruded on his home and clearly had a body in tow. And that resulted in a one sided fight, Raph definitively gaining control of that fight from the get-go.

He continued on watching the woman for the moment being. As a hardened bad-ass as he is, Raphael still had something of a heart. That’s why he was friends with people like April and Casey.

"I need to be honest with you.. I ain’t exactly the kind of guy who is soft. Being a ninja… I’ve ended a lot of enemies. I was going to go out and find this Osborn and end him. But from what I can tell… I can’t leave you alone. Master Splinter is here but.. he’s getting older. My brothers.."

Raphael had paused there. It was likely that his brothers weren’t too keen on the idea of another being here. Especially Leonardo but… Had Leo been here to understand the situation, he’d probably make an exception.

"My brothers might not be back til dawn.. So.. I’m gonna be here and stay. We don’t have ladies clothes.. So.. if you don’t some men’s hand me downs, we’ve got that available for you."

Wrathful Protector



She went quiet again. It felt weird to be talking about this. She’d always kept it in. She had kept it in for nearly four years now. She’d been too scared to talk about it„ fearing she’d pay for it with her life. Anymore it felt like it didn’t matter…but it had to. She had escaped, hadn’t she? She took a shaky breath as her savior rose and walked away. She sniffled a little, rubbing again at her eyes. She was glad to be here, She did feel safe in this little underground den. It was warm and dry, the mats on the floor made it comfortable to walk on and the air smelled slightly of incense. 

She became antsy though as the large warrior stay away from her for too long and padded closer to him. She didn’t want to be alone. She was scared this was a dream and she’d wake up. She find out she’d passed out from Norman’s hands being around her neck and that her time was up. It made her shake a little harder as the other busied himself at the stove. 

 ”I…I never got you name…” She said softly, watching him. “My name’s Cherry…Ch-Cherry Hobbes,”

"You have?" She asked, as he mentioned facing off against other large foes. "I..I hope that helps you…but I d-don’t think anyone is…is like him…"Cherry shivered. "He was so…cold. I would beg him to tell me what I’d done…and he said he was doing me and the world a favor…it was my fault…always my fault," She swallowed hard again, wrapping her arms around herself. "S-sorry…"


Raphael was still working on brewing the tea. It wasn’t very long for the water to start boiling hot. But right now, he needed to find the sugar. After all, he wasn’t even really too sure on where it was or even if she had her tea to be with or without some kind of sweetner. Most folks really didn’t like to have their tea without being sweet. Some did but.. right now, he just wanted to keep her comfortable as she could get.

The Turtle had turned around and he blinked upon seeing her moving over to him. This was something which.. he wasn’t entirely used to. Raphael was anti-social, unfriendly and downright hostile. Infact.. that was his nature as a Turtle, particularly being the Red Ear Slider species. They were NOTORIOUSLY known to be aggressive. Especially the males.

Still, seeing her like this.. Raphael had figured that she didn’t want to be left alone. And here he had been thinking about heading on over to Oscorp and finishing this Norman Osborn off. He wanted to inflict the man even worse pain than what he had given to Cherry.

No.. No, he needed to find the sugar now.

Raphael had turned around and he opened the cabinet. Wait.. Why was he needing sugar when he had honey ready? His mind must’ve been so focused on killing Osborn to the point where he wasn’t able to think about making the tea right. He had blinked hard and shook his head, sighing out his tension.

Then he had heard her name.. Cherry. It was an unusual name. Not a bad name, but it wasn’t one which he had been expecting. It almost sounded… cute. Not a word which Raphael would really use often. Only perhaps when being sarcastic.


"The name’s Raphael.."

Simple and too the point. They were no longer strangers but acquaintances. If Cherry was lucky enough, she might even earn the friendship of the Turtle. And considering his reclusive behavior.. that was something not often given out. Only a small group of people had earned his trust and friendship.

He had gripped the stove dial within his hand and turned the burner off. Upon finishing that, he took a packet of green tea and dropped it into the pot after he had opened the top. All that was left to do now was let it simmer and get a ceramic cup.

"Yeah.. I’ve fought a lot of damn weirdo’s. Ninjas, aliens, mystics, time travelers, cyborgs.. Psscht! Whatever you name, I’ve fought."

Raphael had turned once more and looked at Cherry’s composure. She looked so broken, as if she were about to fall apart. The red masked Turtle couldn’t even so much as remember seeing anyone like that. Still, it had hurt to see someone like this but he wouldn’t ever admit it. He was this fiery and passionate, but also aloof and serious creature.

"There is nothing to be sorry about. What there is something to be sorry about.. is that no one has even bothered to kill this motherfucker."

He spotted the ceramic tea cup and then the Turtle reached out for it. Upon grabbing it, he poured the tea into the cup. He rested he pot onto the burner once more and then reached for the honey, only to squeeze and pour it into the cup. Raphael had offered the beverage to the injured woman and nodded.

"Be careful.. It’s very hot."

Wrathful Protector


"A ninja?" She asked, blinking a little. The jarring word, something she really wouldn’t use in a serious conversion, let alone one with a walking talking turtle, took a little edge off her anxiety. Ninjas were for bad subtitles and children’s costumes…and weren’t ninjas supposed to be the bad guys or something? "I..I’ve n-never met a n-ninja…or..anyone like you b-before,"  There wasn’t any malice or judgement in her tone. Just truth. He seemed a little rough around the edges, but he was already a lot kinder to her than Norman had been to her in years.

She bobbed her head as he echoed Norman’s name, making her heart quicken with cold fear, “Yes…Norman Osborn, head of Oscorp…I..I was his personal chef,”  Her voice was a little hollow. Personal chef? May as well been personal chew toy. She never understood what it was that made the man turn on he. She always guessed it was part of his madness, part of the goblin.

When he offered to take her somewhere safe, her eyes lit up. It was too good to be true. She was starting to not care if he was green or if he sprouted five heads. She just wanted to be warm and dry at this point.

 ”I..I w-won’t. I promise…” She said quickly, eagerly, and she did mean it. She had kept Norman’s secrets for years. She could keep this one. “I can’t thank you e-enough,”

He seemed to believe her, bobbing his head a little, wanting her to follow him. She did so, padding after him, her face bright and hopeful. She didn’t care where it was or what it looked like. She just wanted to rest and get her feet out of the water and sleep and mostly sleep. The way was tricky and if she’d been left out on her own, she never would have found it.  They stopped before a brick wall and he did something and there was a click. When he did so, the wall opened up and she stepped into the apartment like space. She looked around in a little wonder as she stepped up in, It was eclectic and modern and classic and just all sorts of things Cherry couldn’t describe right now. 

She quickly stripped off her soggy shoes and socks, looking up as Raph asked her a question.

 ”It’s….a bit complicated,” She admitted, hopping slightly on one foot to remove her other shoe. “but…basically…everyone thinks he’s sane, cured,. He used to think he was  a creature called the Green Goblin and they think they’ve cured him…but I know he hasn’t. I know what a monster he really is…and I’ve been too cowardly to leave…but I did today…he was trying to kill me, I know it. If I’m dead, no one has a case against him because it’s all hearsay…he’s also sick, insane, he likes to experiment on live people. Fear, pain, terror…he just gets off on it…he..he would..” she swallowed back, cutting her words off as she  pressed to a stand, her weak legs wobbly. “He’s just…he’s an awful, awful man, sir…but I’m utterly grateful for you finding me…”

She was safe here. No one would be able to find her and with the security system that Donatello had installed through out the sewers, anyone who would come looking for Cherry would be immediately picked up and allow the Turtles to react accordingly. Ever since their eighteenth birthday when Donatello had nearly been killed, the same day where Raphael had half of his face burned off.. Security measures were taken to ensure that this would never happen again.

Scars were healed, but sometimes.. the scars left behind went beyond the physical. Raphael knew that all too well. As a ninja, it had come with the job and Raphael had many scars which were left on him. But his training with his brothers under Master Splinter’s harsh tutelage had allowed him to harden, to become the lethal assassin and spy which he had needed to be. To fulfill his master’s mission of revenge.

That was a long time ago though and now Raphael used his training and his skills to protect himself, his family and those whom he had considered friends. While Cherry was but an acquaintance.. she did not deserve what this man had done to her.

As she had spoken, Raphael had looked to the trophy room which he and his brothers had set up. Mementos of past battles fought long and hard. But there was one trophy which stood apart from the rest.. A set of bladed armor which consisted of headware which resembled a Samurai’s kabuto, pauldrons which had serrated blades on them. A pair of bladed gauntlets which were meant for stabbing and cutting.. and a pair of shin guards which also possessed blades on it.

The armor of Oroku Saki. The Shredder.

At age thirteen, Raphael and his brothers had managed to defeat the New York Foot Clan leader. Raphael was playing the images in his head over and over again as he listened to Cherry speak.

Much to his surprise, she had told him a very interesting truth about who this Norman Osborn was. Apparently he was that green suited freak that this Spider-Man had often fought which was reported a lot in the papers.  She worked for him? No wonder she was beaten on and inflicted such pain. This only served to fuel Raphael’s anger.

But right now… he needed to keep her safe and calm. He would’ve offered her a beer but that was something not appropriate. Instead.. Raphael would move over towards the stove and cabinets. Reaching out, he had took a hold of the tea pot with the painted sakura blossoms on the front, moved towards the sink and poured water into it. He took a packet of green tea and even a bottle of honey. Raphael turned the stove burners on, and rested the pot onto the flame.

"So he’s the Green Goblin, huh? Well… that makes things worse for him. He ain’t exactly the first asshole like that I’ve come across.. "

Wrathful Protector


Cherry finally stopped stumbling over her own tongue, just standing in silence. She didn’t know what he’d do and finally….he stepped forward. She thought she’d scream, but whatever noise she was going to make caught hard in her throat.  She couldn’t move, too tired and fatigued to run anymore and she was just…in shock. What…what was he?

He didn’t sound mad now though as he stopped in front of her, odd, alien hands held up in universal gesture of “I mean no harm”. She swallowed hard, not really wanting anyone to see what she looked like right now. She was sure a bruised piece of meat looked nicer than she did and would be more welcome. She just felt….so helpless and useless. Very slowly, she lowered her hands from her shirt so he could pull it down to reveal the marks that her employer had given her just hours earlier. He would have killed her if she stayed. Had tried to kill her then, but more important business had popped up. How pathetic was that? She wasn’t even important enough to kill off properly. 

 She felt a hot tear wind down her cheek as he looked her over. She didn’t know what to do, but stand there for long moments until he finally stepped back. She looked up as he growled out a question. There was a faint quiver of gratitude in her belly as he demanded to know who hurt her.


"You..y-you’d never be able to-to get c-close to him," She stammered hard between her shallow breaths and sniffling. "His..his n name’s N-Norman Osborn….he’s very p-powerful…" She rubbed at her red and raw eyes. 


She didn’t know the aggressive ninja. He had been able to get very close to a bunch of powerful people. Oroku Saki, Antoine Puzzorelli— just to so much as even name a couple of the enemies which he had fought. Just recently he had even so much as managed to infiltrate the Kraang TCRI building which he and Kaos had successfully managed to destroy.

"Osborn, huh?"

Raphael had heard of the name but he didn’t know the man personally. Already he could picture the smug look on the man’s face, and the fact that he had beaten this woman to force her down here in the sewers was something which he had not taken kindly. Under most circumstances, had someone been down here.. he’d chase them out or kill them if need be, the most recent being the Jester whom he had bludgeoned.

But this was an exception.

And if Leonardo had a problem with it, then his role as leader be damned. Because if this Osborn guy was going to be looking for this woman, then he would do his best to keep her under the radar. Out of sight, out of mind but Osborn.. Raphael now had a bone to pick with this asshole. Fucking rich prick, just because he had a lot of money and was some famous asshole for being in the science community apparently gave him right to hit on a woman?


"Clearly.. you’ve never been around ninja before. Come on, I’ll take you some place safe. Off the grid.. But you can’t tell anyone about this place. Or what you’ve seen. Understood?"


She was shaking like a leaf. She also looked like a wounded and abused animal, unable to defend herself from someone a lot more powerful. As much of a sociopath Raphael was.. He wasn’t entirely heartless. When someone needed help, someone who was unable to defend themselves.. That angered him quite a bit. Raphael couldn’t remember when he himself had ever been that helpless.

Quickly, he had nudged his head for the woman to follow him as he had turned around and began walking back down the tunnel the way he had come. He waded through ankle deep level water and the Turtle made a couple of turns as he moved on ahead.

As soon as he reached the Lair, Raphael moved a hand out and pressed on a single brick. A compartment in the wall had opened up, revealing a mid-sized den of sorts. Inside was what appeared to be a dojo, with mats placed on the floor— some Japanese decorum. And a touch of modern as well..

Raphael moved further into the Lair, allowing Cherry to step in. And when she did, the Lair would close up behind her.

It wasn’t much.. but it was home..

"So tell me more about this dickwad, Osborn.. Why is he beating on you?"

"Let's spar, Sparky. I need to...blow off some steam."


"Name the time and place, Ellie.. Being fifteen years your senior.. Psscht. This should be a shoe-in for me."

Wrathful Protector


Just a little longer. If she walked just a little longer she was sure she’d find someplace dry to sit down.  She had to keep going. She couldn’t give up, not yet. Not after finally getting away from him. 

Cherry trudged through the ice cold water that numbed her feet, but maybe that was for the best. She’d been walking for who knew how long. Her feet probably would felt like her aching face and throbbing neck. Her body screamed for to lie down, water or no water and just sleep off all the pain and horror she knew and had seen.

She had come down here to escape her pursuers. She hadn’t meant to get lost. She knew it as possible that she could never find her way back out…but it was better than staying in that hell.


She gasped, turning when she heard a harsh, angry voice. She saw a figure in the shadow, one that seemed hulking and heavy, but she didn’t know what was shade and what was truth. She was bewildered and tired, scared, and aching. She hoped the shadows helped hide her appearance as well. If he was questioning her, that meant he didn’t know her, and that was a mixed blessing. She flinched back, clutching at her damp shirt, trying to bring it up to hide the bruising at her neck, ducking her head. 
 ”I…I-I g-got lost..” She stammered out. “I..i’m s-sorry..j-just…trying to g-get o-out…”

He might be the most unfriendly of the Turtles, but he knew when someone was scared shitless out of their mind. If not of him, then probably of something or someone else. Raphael had stepped forward and watched the woman and studied her actions. She seemed to be tired, confused and very upset about something. Almost as if she might have been chased or something.

Actions spoke louder than words, and they often heavily contradicted them as well. Sometimes, they spoke great truths about someone and who they are. That’s when he had noticed she was working to hide the bruises on her self. She was scared.. and Raph did not like what he saw.

She needed a place to stay? Well.. there were far more ideal places than the sewer. He could send her to a crisis center, or he could tell her to go to the police. But the cops couldn’t be everywhere and some cops.. did nothing at all.

He had stepped forward and moved in a slow and calm pace. He held his hands up to show that he didn’t mean any harm to the woman whatsoever. As soon as he had neared her.. Raph had slowly moved a hand out.. but he decided to ask first.

"Mind if I take a look at that?"

He had slowly took a hold of the cloth around her neck and Raphael gently tugged it down and even in the dim light.. He could make out the bruises. And the fire inside of him just.. was swelling up. Raphael might be an assassin, he might even be a spy when he needed to be.. Raphael was a ninja through and through..

But a person like her? Did NOT deserve to be afraid like she was now. This was the reason why Raphael and his brothers often patrolled the streets. They weren’t heroes.. but that didn’t mean they couldn’t help someone? April O’Neil herself was a prime example.

He removed his hand from the cloth and stepped back.. allowing the woman her space. If she had a bad night, then there was a high chance that she didn’t want to be touched. And who could blame her?

Raphael just clenched his hands firmly into fists, and he stared to the woman in anger. Not at her.. but at the individual or individuals, who had done this to her. The mutant Turtle had blinked as he attempted to contain his anger and hatred. A small part of Raphael remembered the story of Nagi and Shen.. and how Nagi had nearly beaten Shen to death out of jealousy and rage.

So.. there was only one thing which Raphael could do. All he had to was get a name and be pointed in the direction where her attacker was.

"Who did this to you? Where are they?"

Leonardo vs Superman by John
"Alright.. I gotta say that this would never happen! Yeah, fearless leader can kick some serious fuckin’ ass when he’s gotta but against The Boy Scout? Nuh-uh. Course.. Ain’t nothing stopping Leo from somehow getting a Kryptonite infused sword. Just sayin.."

Leonardo vs Superman by John

"Alright.. I gotta say that this would never happen! Yeah, fearless leader can kick some serious fuckin’ ass when he’s gotta but against The Boy Scout? Nuh-uh. Course.. Ain’t nothing stopping Leo from somehow getting a Kryptonite infused sword. Just sayin.."

[Ask about relationship meme] April Prime


"A trusted friend. And that says A LOT. She took us in when our home was destroyed by Baxter’s mousers and when Master Splinter was missing. Treated us as if we were her own. Probably one of the few whom I genuinely and actually give a damn about!"

The 1987 TMNT Use Their Weapons by College Humor

So much for Lo Mein!


He flinched at his words, this guy could make anyone in his world tremble from just a look. April never believed him about this dimension, saying that they was too dark to be related to her heroes in green. Which is true, the only thing related about them as maybe, a few things. But the most important one is being mutant turtles.

The only way for get his Raphael to act anywhere near how his alternate version is here, is if they used that personality gun on him. Heh, the last time that happened on him he was too nice for his own good. He remembered it driving him crazy. The sounds of slurping, along with the sound of the sticks hitting the box sides as the older turtle ate. Clearly he was enjoying his meal, Leo wasn’t about to interrupt him.

If things have gotten to this world then it was a big problem, which has been growing ever so slowly. He was sure that it had to be effecting not only his and this world and all others. Why hasn’t any of his or his brothers counterparts investigate? Was they mistaking it for something else? No, they had to know that there was something strange happening.


There was other versions coming here too? No wonder he was angry, the fact alone that he was there was enough but putting even more alternate versions coming in and he probably had enough visitors. But the idea of them making him look like the other team he and his brothers worked with in the past, well that’s.. He shouldn’t be surprised since there is so many differences.

"I’m guessing that doesn’t lighten up your idea of me after meeting this Mikey?" He would assume so. He got the idea that maybe he should just stand and wait for his brothers to come, though he knew the rest wasn’t going to be too thrilled with him being here, just like Raphael was.


Upon being asked if meeting the newer Michelangelo didn’t so much as help his viewpoint on this Leonardo and his Turtles, the aggressive and fiery Turtle scoffed and looked to him as if he were stupid for thinking that he now had a higher viewpoint of him now.

Raphael continued to work on the Lo Mein which he had been eagerly anticipating for the entire day. Unlike a lot of the Turtles in the multiverse who seemed to be sharing perhaps an unhealthy obsession with pizza.. The Turtles of this universe seemed to have a more balanced diet. Of course in Raphael’s case, he also seemed to be somewhat of a beer drinker but as of lately, he had been limiting himself off the stuff. And with the training he had been doing.. he seemed to be in better shape.

Raphael moved the sticks in his hand, quite skillfully so considering that he only had three digits on each hand. He had stuck the sticks into the box once more and he stared into it. He was perhaps.. half-way done. He sure was hell as hungry. But he raised his eyes up and stared at his older brother’s pudgy counterpart.

Why did he look so pudgy? Raphael could only assume that it was from the enormous and unhealthy amounts of pizza which he had eaten. Unfortunately, Raphael didn’t know that even this Leonardo had somewhat of a more balanced diet. And.. something which had been plaguing his mind. If this Leonardo and his brothers were alternate versions.. and they claimed to be ninjas.. Why were they having trouble?

The Kraang were numerous, that much was certain as Raphael had recalled the time where he had to team up with Kaos and effectively blew up the TCRI Building. He also had spoken to his brother about either speaking to the Time Mistress, Renet Tilly.. But she came to them when something threatened the timestream.

But then.. Raphael remembered something. He remembered a couple of things, really.


"I want to ask you some questions.. And you tell me the truth. I so much as see that you’re holding something back from me.. We’re done. I get mad, I crack open your shell. Just so we’re clear."

Perhaps there was something in common which he had with the cartoonish Raphael that this Leonardo was acquainted with. He might be seen to some as cool but rude. Heavy, heavy emphasis on the rude aspect. But then rude is just an understatement, Raphael might be seen as borderline psychotic. Probably sociopathic.

"Your Donatello made that stupid stick or wand.. He didn’t make anything that would’ve actually.. open doors, did he? You’d better tell me the truth.. Right here and now, because I ain’t Leo.. or at least.. the Leonardo I know. And I damn well sure ain’t Mikey!"

And then Raphael brought up the other part he had remembered.

"The Technodrome.. Your Shredder and Krang didn’t open a door for these.. Kraang creatures to come through, did they?"

He focused his burning gaze upon his inter-dimensional sibling.. They may not be related in so many ways but.. in the context of a multiverse, they were indirectly related. Perhaps.. that was what made Raphael dislike these particular Turtles.

Slowly.. and with anger.. He chewed the Lo Mein noodles. And he had no intentions of sharing them with this Leonardo.

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It was his turn to go out on patrol tonight, and the red masked mutant was feeling somewhat.. alright considering the fact that most of his anger that was kept bottled up for years had been unleashed on the serial killer known as the Jester. As he waded through ankle level water in the sewer, Raphael noticed a shape in the distance from the tunnel he moved through.

Slowly, he moved a hand down and gripped onto the sai which was strapped to his utility belt. Cautiously.. he moved forward to get a better look at the shape that was outlined by the dim light. Upon seeing that it was a woman, Raphael snarled with a light growl.

"Who the fuck are you and what the hell are you doing here?"