The Hot-Headed Turtle

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Wrathful Protector


Cherry tried not to let a smile show on her face as Raph’s features contorted into a very puzzled expression. His brow beetling together as his eyes widening. His mouth went a slack, but managed not to hang open. She figured he probably didn’t recieve many gestures of gratitude. One, he lived here few people could contact him, and two, she imagined most were afraid of the hulking turtle. If she hadn’t been through what she had, she’d probably been scared witless too. 

Cherry knew she was safe her and she had Raphael to thank. She didn’t care what he’d done in the past as he had alluded. She cared that he’d saved her, that he was being so kind and generous. 

Her cheeks went pink at his crude words, but she saw the message behind it. /I’m going to fight him. I’m going to keep you safe/. She gave a little laugh and bobbed her head, “I believe you and if anyone can do it, Raphael…it’s you,”

Norman certainly couldn’t be prepared for this. She could only trust what the other said and believe in the skills he told her.

His rough hand came up and took hers again, large fingers curling around her smaller ones. She liked the feel of it, of calloused palms and cool fingers. She rubbed her thumb over a scarred knuckle and smiled broadly.

 ”Me too…it’s been a long time since I’ve had a friend,” She beamed.

Reluctant to let go of him, she kept a hold of his hand as she slipped into bed. She almost had to lie on the edge, her arms stretched out to keep her fingers in his grasp, but it was worth it to keep the contact. She rested her head on the pillow which smelled clean, like dryer sheets, but also smelled like him. It was nice. 

The smile on her lips became drowsy as she yawned again, eyes drooping, “Thank you,”


He could tell that she didn’t want to let him go, and he was perfectly fine with that. Whatever problems she had up in the surface, she could forget them down here but the fact of the matter remained. As long as Norman Osborn was alive, she would never be safe. No one could ever be safe, and from what he had been told.. a young girl’s life who had yet to blossom had been completely stolen from her. It almost made Raphael want to read up on it.. On the Goblin’s most prominent victim.

Gwen Stacy.

Raphael didn’t know her and he would never know her but Cherry obviously knew her and it was clear that it had pained her to know that the man whom she had once worked for had done this to a dear friend. Dropping her off the Brooklyn bridge like that? It had made Raphael’s blood boil, figuratively speaking anyway.

But what was worse was that he was still hurting people, and he had been pardoned for it numerous times. And Cherry was a victim because of the fact that no one had done anything about Osborn. Not a damn thing.

And that had served to fuel the fire within him even more. Becoming stronger and hotter. Raphael had intended to use the fire which was building within him to destroy Osborn and anyone who stood in his way. It didn’t matter who got in his way, so long as that bastard was hurting someone as innocent as Cherry.. His anger would not be quenched.

But right now, all he could do was keep Cherry company until she had fallen asleep. It might be a long time for her or it could be a short time.

Chances are that she had suffered nightmares from the experiences she had to endure. Anyone would as a life under fear was something which would give anyone nightmares or worse.. night terrors. So he would hold onto her until she would sleep comfortably.

"No problem.. Tomorrow.. EVERYTHING is about to change."

The mutant Turtle merely stared to Cherry’s eyes with his own, watching as they were drooping and getting heavy with slumber. She needed the comfort, she needed the rest as far as he was aware. But Raphael had made a promise.. a promise which he couldn’t renege on. It was a mission of mercy and he would do it until the job got done.

Raphael was about to do something.. which he only did for Shadow. He used to do this for her whenever she had bad dreams as a child. He looked around to see if there was.. anyone around. Especially Michelangelo who might make fun of him.

Raphael leaned forward and gently pressed his beak down onto Cherry’s forehead, and he lightly rubbed her face with his free hand.

"I promise.. He won’t hurt you anymore. As a ninja.. I swear it."

"When we were a lot younger.. Me and Leo used to get into a lot of arguments. Sometimes they would break out into a lot of fights. It took Donnie and Mikey to stop them, but Master Splinter kept us in line."
"I can’t remember when this argument was exactly.. But I know it’s what it was sometime after when we were having problems with the New York Foot, and Leo didn’t want to do much about it. So I ran him through the fucking wall and just let him have it. I let him know he was being a dick and left.."
"Thinking about it now.. Me and Leo? We always kept each other in check."

"When we were a lot younger.. Me and Leo used to get into a lot of arguments. Sometimes they would break out into a lot of fights. It took Donnie and Mikey to stop them, but Master Splinter kept us in line."

"I can’t remember when this argument was exactly.. But I know it’s what it was sometime after when we were having problems with the New York Foot, and Leo didn’t want to do much about it. So I ran him through the fucking wall and just let him have it. I let him know he was being a dick and left.."

"Thinking about it now.. Me and Leo? We always kept each other in check."

So much for Lo Mein!


From what little time he has spent here, the first being the time they took down Utrom Shredder. Speaking of, if him and his brother never got sucked into another dimension that day, would things have played out differently? They was going to just send the technodrome into dimension x again, only for one accident to change everything. They was familiar with other dimensions, with different species and different rules.

Why didn’t they? Or do they and are just lying about it. The amount of gadgets Donatello made was mind boggling, each either being a dud or something really amazing. Like the inter dimension television Don made. Just turning a button was like changing the channel. Only it’s changing to a different dimension.

If this Raphael ever seen half of what they had in their lair… Well he didn’t know what he would think, let alone do.

Now this world. This dark and gloomy world had no color, no life. It was as if something sucked up all the color of this world, drained all the happiness in life. How could this Raphael ever see him as anything else but someone that is too happy for ones good. 

He probably thought he was an idiot for making the choices he made, making mistakes that lead him here. But from what he remembered is that the first mistake might not have been such a mistake at all. Maybe it was fate that they all met that day? If they didn’t cause that accident, then what would have happened to them all? surely something would have woke that crazed Shredder, and he would have plotted to do the very same thing.

He shrugged his shoulders as he continued walking, following Raphael. He didn’t understand why it was a big deal for him to tell Raphael to lead, was his alternate that different from him? He knows that his brother Raphael never argued with him on things, he more or less just made jokes about the situation, or would give his thoughts on it. 

He was more laid back than his alternate that was in front of him, clearly he is not lazy… He watched as Raphael quickly gave a hand gesture to stop, likely something was ahead.

Eyes widening at the sounds of those alien voices coming from down the tunnel, their mechanical robots making noises with each step they took. They would never win at being a ninja. It wasn’t until they stopped talking that Raphael turned to give him a look, more like a glare. Yeah, he is still upset, but also ready for whatever lays ahead of him.

Watching him jump up to reach one of the pipes above him, he pulled himself up with quick ease. Leonardo knew it was his turn, jumping up only to brush the pipes with his fingers and fall back down on his shell. The water splashed with the thump sound as he landed.

This did not go unnoticed and only made the sounds of footsteps speed up towards him. He couldn’t understand why e’s so weak, he noticed this same thing back in that other dimension where they first met their counterparts. Sure they was able to do some hits here and there and trick some of the bad guys, but he could notice the difference in his strength. This world being no different in that law, but was even worse on him.

Quickly he pulled out his weapons, and readied himself. No use trying to be like Raphael’s counterpart, and if the law of this world is working against him then these aliens are experiencing the same thing.


He could see them coming into view in front of him, their steps slowing down as they see him. 

"Turtles fight with honor!" He let out his battle cry before lunging himself towards the robots, his swords striking the metal.

Part of being a ninja was about being patient, waiting for a moment of vulnerability to do the most significant and long lasting damage. If not, even downright crippling to even the most powerful of armies. Given that the Kraang more or less were a large army.. surely it would take the efforts of more than one ninja to even show. But Raphael was experienced, learned patience when it came to such things.. Too much had he been backed into a corner and suffered for his rash thinking.

He remained suspended on the pipes as he had heard the mechanical limbs moving about and, he heard the voices growing louder and clearer. They were nearing by, and he awaited for this Leonardo to come up and join him for the ambush. But the most infuriating thing was that he couldn’t even manage to get up to the pipes.

And the give away was when the blue masked Turtle had hit the water in the tunnel, and it had drawn the attention of the Kraang. All Raphael did was simply glare down at his inter-dimensional brother.. His fiery stare alone surely would be enough to give a painful sting to Leonardo. No insults needed to be flung, no malicious physical contact.. Just that angered stare would be enough.

I don’t believe this.. I DON’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS!! Raphael mentally shouted to himself.

"We have located the Turtle in blue called Leonardo! He is here in this tunnel in this sewer!"

"Engage and exterminate the Turtle in blue called Leonardo!"

Raphael watched as this Leonardo had went after the first Kraang soldier. He watched as the smaller, younger Turtle fought to the best of his ability as his swords had struck the metal of the Kraang droid. But the second one was taking aim at Leonardo with the energy weapon.

Raphael just shook his head as soon as Leonardo had shouted that Turtles fight with honor.. He seemed to behave more like a Samurai than ninja. Samurai fought for honor and valor.. Ninja.. Ninja just fought to win by any means necessary. Even if it meant using dirty tactics.

Raphael then pushed himself off from the pipes and he quickly drew his sai out once more from his utility belt. He splashed into the water as soon as the Kraang soldier fired his weapon, intending to hit Leonardo with it but Raphael crossed his twin sai and deflected the bolt of energy.


The Kraang who was engaging Raphael had widened his eyes in a moment of shock and fear. The red masked Turtle had rushed in towards the intruder as he had relentless fired his weapon, and Raphael dropped, rolled and leaped over the shots. When he had neared the Kraang soldier, Raphael swung his leg across to the right, kicking the weapon away.

With an angered growl, Raphael spun his sai in hand and thrust them forward— driving his weapon into the forehead of the small pink creature that was housed in the mid-section of the android. Blood dripped from Raphael’s sai and he rammed his shoulder forward, knocking the dead Kraang back. Quickly turning, Raphael glared to the direction of the younger Turtle..

He was mildly curious to see how he’d do against his enemy.. Only mildly so, if there were any traits of his Leonardo in this counterpart.

Wrathful Protector


Cherry bobbed her head as he pointed at the bottom bunk and she quickly devoured the rest of her potsticker. It would be rude to eat in someone else’s bed. His reassurence that his sheets were clean made her smile a little. 

“I’m sure the bed is great, you’re a turtle after all, not a pig,” She chuckled softly, trying to make a joke, but she wasn’t sure if it sounded right, as tired as she was. It sounded alright to her. 

She watched as Raphael entered the room, sitting himself down on the side of the bed across from her, offering to stay until she fell asleep. This made a genuine, soft smile bloom on her lips. 

 ”If…it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” She said gently. Cherry swore that someone she was going to find a way to repay him for this. No one had gone out of their way to comfort her in such a long time. It made her whole body warm and her heart beat just a little harder in her chest.

She had no idea how she’d repay him and despite his insistence that she didn’t need to, she swore she would. She had to. 

She shuffled into the room and over to the large ninja first. Placing a steadying hand on his shoulder, she leaned down and pressed a quick kiss on his cheek. 

”Thank you,” She knew she must have said the phase nearly a dozen times in the short time she’d been with him, but she couldn’t even remember the last time she genuinely meant it. He had touched her in a way she couldn’t describe, but she knew, even if when she reached the surface again, if she never saw him, she’d be forever changed. “I hope…I hope we can be friends, Raphael,” She murmured.

She did want to be friends with him. She hoped she could be friends with his family. He was one of the most incredible things she’d ever seen and  she wanted to spend more time with him. She had enjoyed what little they had talked about and he was a good soul underneath the gruff exterior.  


The kiss on the cheek was something which he had not seen coming, though he probably should have seeing how touchy feely Cherry was. Kisses were something which Raphael had never really grown accustomed to receiving. Especially kisses from a woman, an exceptionally beautiful woman at that too. He just drooped an expression on his face and his eyes widened with confusion. This had never really happened before.

Many thoughts were rushing through Raphael’s mind at this moment, and he wasn’t even so sure he should be reacting the way he is now. he wasn’t even aware of the fact that he was showing his confusion on his face.

While the kiss was innocent and friendly, it wasn’t everyday that this sort of contact happened with him. Because of that, he really didn’t know how else to take this. Raphael was flabbergasted to say the least.

Awww crap! I didn’t see that one coming. If Michelangelo finds out about this, he won’t ever let me live this down! Fuck!

Under most circumstances, Raphael would chase folks out from the sewers since he had needed to keep his family’s existence a secret. More importantly if someone were a threat, then he would’ve had to deal with them as he saw fit, much like that Jester he had fought the other day. But that aggression was no longer needed now, and he could focus it onto someone far more deserving.


Raphael snapped out from his own thoughts, and like the creature which he was.. he had moved back into his hardened shell. He was a rough and tough as nails Turtle, hardened only by his training and experiences on the field but he also didn’t want to appear soft.

"Hey, it’s no problem! Besides.. I am really looking forward to kicking that dick-cheese motherfucker’s ass! He’s had it coming and he’s gonna get it! Mark my words, Cherry… Mark my words!"

Then Raphael had listened as she had openly said that she had wanted to be friends. That was something which had touched Raphael, as he didn’t have many friends except for April, Casey and Shadow. Of course here was also Lucindra but he hadn’t seen her in a while either. So what could one more friend hurt?

In a world as cruel as this one, which had people and creatures out there which were hellbent on killing him and those whom he had cared about.. Raphael was a bit hesitant on taking Cherry as a friend. But he would graciously accept her as one.

Raphael moved a hand out and he took a hold of Cherry’s hand within his own and he gave a wry side-smile.

"Yeah.. Friends. I’d like that."

Wrathful Protector


Cherry had relayed everything she could remember off the top of her head. She could tell by the gleam in the other’s eyes that he was storing it away. He wasn’t going to forget one scrap of detail. There was an intensity in his eyes that hooked into her belly. For the first time in years, it felt like someone was on her side. True,  that someone was green, built like a barrel, and seemed to have the temperament of a pit bull, but it was someone. 

She’d actually forgotten that her hand was still in his as he stood up. Her cheeks went pink. She’d just gotten so comfortable, enjoying his nearness that it was like it had become a part of her. He hadn’t complained, and he didn’t seem to mind as he looked towards the kitchen. Then he simply let go of her hand, no malice or irritation in the gesture and padded towards the fridge.

Cherry watched him go before she yawned so hard her eyes swam with tears. She couldn’t remember ever being so tired before. Maybe it was because she knew she’d be able to sleep without worry of what would happen when she was at her most vulnerable. Sleep was something precious, something that was hard to coax into her mind when she knew the monster that prowled the hall outside her room. Terrified that night would be one of the ones he steal in and drag her from her bed because he was restless. She never understood what she’d ever done to have Norman hurt her like this.

She wouldn’t have to worry about that here. She’d be able to sleep knowing the gruff ninja was about or surely, these brother’s he spoke of, would be as like minded as him. They wouldn’t harm her either. 

Did she nod off? She thought she heard the other speaking. She rubbed her pink trimmed eyes and pushed herself off the couch. On rubbery legs, she moved over to the large turtle who offered her a styrofoam take out carton. It could have been boiled brussle sprouts. She’d eat anything at the moment. 

"No, this is wonderful, thank you," She said, accepting the carton and flipped it open. Two little puffy buns sat there like little clouds. She eagerly took one and bit it in half, hardly tasting as she hastily chewed and swallowed and then finished it off with a second bite. 

She looked up to see him smirking a little and it made her cheeks tint with more color. She wasn’t sure if he was smiling at her shoveling food into her mouth or if it was something else. She did know that he looked better when he smiled, no matter how smile the gesture was. She hoped he smiled more.

Tilting his head, he walked across the den to a little room and she followed dutifully, nibbling at the second pot sticker now that she had something in her belly. There were four bunks and the beds looked like heaven. The best she’d been hoping for, before Raph found her, was a clean square of concrete to sleep on. Now, she was looking at a warm bed with sheets and a mattress and  pillows. She was far beneath the earth were Norman wouldn’t ever be able to find her without scouring every inch himself. She’d given him nothing to trace. She didn’t have a cellphone or credit card. She’d been smarter than that. 

A lump grew in her throat, making it hard to swallow the bite of pot sticker she had. She managed, looking over at Raph, “You…said I could use yours? Which is it?”


Raphael had pointed out with the digit on his hand to the bottom bunk which was underneath Michelangelo’s assigned bed. Something to note that the beds each had their own personalities to them in reflection of who their owners were. Raphael’s mattress happened to have something of an unkempt look, as if he didn’t even bother in making his bed after waking up from it. That wasn’t to say that the sheets weren’t clean.

"That one right there.. You’ll have to nevermind how much of a mess it is. I just.. get up from it and do my thing. Sheets are clean though. Master Splinter doesn’t like it when our sheets are dirty."

He could tell that Cherry was very tired and she needed something of a rest. Especially after having run from that crazed man who had used her and abused her in so many ways. Raphael recalled the bruises which he had seen earlier, and it stirred the fire within to inflict worse injuries than mere bruises onto Norman Osborn. Being trained in Ninjutsu, Raphael knew pressure points, he knew how to fracture bones, how to cause airways to collapse. He had every intention of instilling fear and pain into the Green Goblin just like he had done to Cherry.

Raphael wasn’t so sure when his brothers would get back. Michelangelo was out once more visiting April and Casey, Donatello was likely getting equipment at a local junkyard or was out looking at computers. And Leonardo.. Knowing Leonardo, he was probably out training as always.

Guess Raphael was stuck here with Cherry.. Not that he particularly mind but then again, Master Splinter was here as well but.. with his age, he was sleeping earlier and earlier. And with age, came waning strength. So Master Splinter really could not fight as he was able to years ago. That thought hat pained Raphael a little bit, knowing that there was nothing he could to help his old master.

But right now.. Cherry needed him.


"You need me to stay with you until you fall asleep?"

In the back of his mind, Raphael kicked himself for saying. He didn’t mind helping her out, it was simply the right thing to do. But he couldn’t afford to be seen as soft and weak. He didn’t do weak but this was anything but weakness.. It was him looking after someone who was marked for death. Kind of like how April was marked when Baxter had his Mousers hunting her down.

This was no different now than it was back then. Raphael had thought about when he had met April.. Despite he and his brothers being hardened killers and experienced in the ways of combat.. And having no qualms with doing what needed to be done.. They still had friends. Casey, April and Shadow..

And now.. Cherry could be seen as an addition to their extended family.

Raphael had slowly sat himself down onto Donatello’s bunk, which happened to be across from his own and he folded his hands out in front of himself. The red masked Turtle rested his chin on his hands and watched over the woman.

He had promised her no more suffering.. No more pain. And he had intended to keep that promise as soon as his brothers would come home.

Wrathful Protector


He laughed. He actually laughed and that made Cherry feel really good. It was a rough sound, like cracking wood. It made her smile and she ducked her head, laughing a little as well. Could he really do that? Pull himself into a his shell? She knew a normal turtle could, but he was so big…

 ”Well, I can hardly argue with you there,” She murmured, smiling brightly at her knees. “Thank you so much…just thank you…”

She was quiet for long moments until he asked his question. 

 ”He lives in a townhouse building…middle of Manhattan,”  She answered, lifting her eyes to his. “Sometimes he also stays in his office at Oscorp…”  Cherry searched his dark gaze. 

She licked her lips, her sluggish brain trying to churn up more information that might be useful to the ninja. She told him the home address, and what she knew of Norman’s home security, of the guards, any information she could give her green skinned savior she offered.

It was becoming harder and harder for her to put thoughts together. She’d been through so much these past twenty-four hours. Now that the adrenaline had worn off she could feel the throbbing from the bruises on her face and neck. Her legs and feet ached from how far she’d run away. Her stomach rumbled, having nothing to eat for hours, but mostly, her eyelids fluttered with undeniable heaviness. She was running on empty on all fronts. 

She stifled a yawn behind a small hand, tempted to stretch out on the lumpy couch.

 ”I..I’m sorry…I guess I’m..I’m more tired than I thought,” 



The mutant Red Ear Slider was taking in all of the information which Cherry was divulging him in regards to the places of interest where Norman Osborn was known to be at. The townhouse in Manhattan sounded like it was an easier accessible place— however he hadn’t really expected the man to be frequently at home. Either way that didn’t so much as matter for Raphael and what he had planned out. He didn’t need to get to Norman yet.

What he was going to be targeting first were the achievements that Norman had gained through out the years. Someone like that often took pride in what they were able to gain through success and hard work. Destroy their life achievements, and they fall apart. Some fall harder than others.

As for Oscorp, Raphael knew that one was going to be more secured and guarded. So he would probably have to ask Donatello to get him the building blue-prints through whatever computer mojo that his genius brother was more than capable of doing. Donatello was a pretty tech savvy Turtle, so acquiring such information shouldn’t be to hard.

When Norman has had everything which he had worked for completely taken from him, when he has had everything which defined him as a human being burned and razed to ashes.. Raphael would be able to completely engage him in a battle.

And then he might be able to kill him.

Raphael wen quiet as he contemplated everything which he was told. He could feel the fire burning within him intensely, wanting nothing more than to set Norman a blaze to end him and the atrocities which he has committed and likely will continue to commit. But that could wait.

He would bide his time to prepare and to let the fire within him grow.. Put that fire to better use for now. To keep the woman warm.


Raphael had stood up from the seat but he still held onto Cherry’s hand within his own for a moment before he had released it. He shifted on over to where the kitchen area was. Moving towards the fridge, Raphael opened it and peeked inside. Surely there had to be something.

Seeing a white box which was filled with take-out, he had reached and took a hold of it within his hand. Opening it he saw what was inside. An extra order of steamed dumplings from the other night. Raphael really didn’t have a microwave.. The meal was already cooked but.. still.. it made him feel bad that he couldn’t cook them without a skillet.

"Listen.. All we got are left overs. Hope you don’t mind cold Chinese pot-stickers." He spoke, as he offered the box of food to her.

Raphael turned and looked over to Cherry and he gave a side-grin. While he wasn’t exactly known to smile.. Raphael was known to smirk from time to time. He nudged his head as a gesture for her to follow him, and then the Turtle moved his way over to the bunks where he and his brothers had often rested.

"This is where me and my brothers sleep in. It ain’t much but.. all we got."

Wrathful Protector


Cherry continued to sit next to the large creature feeling unsure of what to do next. What to say. She was honestly worried. Raphael sounded more than competent to take on Norman…but she worried that Norman wouldn’t exactly be interested in a fight. From everything Raphael had told her, he and his brothers were exactly what she had said, they were scientific miracles. Norman was a very smart man despite his insanity. She knew the moment he laid eyes on Raph, he’d want the mutant to study, to dissect, to test. It made her belly flutter coldly. She knew the depths of Norman’s depravity, she did not know how fast or hot the turtle’s temper could run. 

 She was grateful for all he’d done. Taking her in, the tea, the talk, and what she hoped were the sparks of friendship. It had been so long since she’d had a friend she could utterly confide in. She used to be able to talk to Gwen and Harry, but there was no talking to Gwen now, and if Harry thought Cherry was attacking his father, he’d probably call her a liar and hate her. 

She sighed and felt very, very torn when Raphael grunted slightly, gaining her attention. Her brows drew together slightly. “Are you sure?” She asked softly, not wanting to kick him out of his bed, She was exhausted though and sleep sounded better than paradise.


Raphael had dealt with someone much like Norman, while he wasn’t necessarily as rich or notable in the realm of the scientific community— he was someone never the less very powerful and had some prominence in the criminal underworld. And that man was Oroku Saki. Once more the ninja that Raphael so happened to be was appearing though unlike before, he would keep it suppressed. He had no intentions of frightening Cherry now, she had been through enough as it was already but he needed more from her.

Raphael had recalled the lessons which Master Splinter had given him years ago when he was a child. Ninjutsu was more than just a fighting style, it was even considered a way of strategy as well. The ninja were known to cause confusion and disarray in enemy ranks such as spreading disinformation and even were known to use the elements of fire and water to do long lasting damage. Many Samurai and Shogun had employed the use of ninja to cause havoc on their enemies to win wars.

But the Feudal Era was over and this was not Japan.. But that didn’t mean that the practices of ninjutsu were outdated. The old ways could still be used. And new practices were inducted.

This Norman Osborn might be a protected man.. So Raphael couldn’t challenge him outright. How does one happen to destroy a self-made man like Norman Osborn? Raphael contemplated this.. And the answer was eeriely simple.

Destroy everything he had ever worked to gain. And when Norman has nothing left to lose, when everything was taken from him.. when he has been pushed to his very limit, then he could be challenged.

A small, smug smirk appeared on his face.

Leonardo, you bastard.. Guess hanging with you kind of taught me a thing or two. It’s like facing Saki all over again.


Cherry was right about two things.. She knew Osborn better than anyone and he might no be interested in a head on fight. But she also was right that she didn’t know how hot and how fast his temper could flare. She had never even seen him truly angry.. and Raphael had no intentions of showing her how angry he could get. When he had gotten angry, he sometimes went into a berserk state of mind. And he wouldn’t stop until his enemy or he himself were dead.

Raphael’s fire was perhaps also the only thing keep Cherry safe and warm. After all, fire can be a tool.. to save someone’s life and to provide comfort, or to burn and immolate in order to destroy an enemy.

"Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure about that.. Besides.. I can pull myself into my shell and be just peachy. Heh heh heh heh!"

Raphael’s laughter was at his own expense of course. He hadn’t pulled himself into his shell in a long time but he still knew how to do it. It was a part of his animal instinct and biology. He didn’t care where he slept, so long as Cherry was comfortable. That was all that mattered right now.

But now.. he needed more information from Cherry.

"…What is Norman’s home address?"

So much for Lo Mein!


He stood stoic and motionless, hating his momentary breakdown he had. It wasn’t like him, but then again this Raphael didn’t know him, and whatever he knew about him was mostly less like a blubbering idiot. He couldn’t blame him for thinking such, after meeting twice now and both times causing trouble for him and now his family.

The blue claded turtle watched him, his eyes scanning the weapons before him, taking weapons and placing them into slots and pockets on his belt. 

Wiping away his shame as he gave the older turtle a glare, moving up towards him. “Fine.” He said simply. He had a few shurikens in his pockets along with a powder bomb. He stuck his hand out to take a tanto blade, only to bring it back as if hesitant. 

Being around this aggressive foul mouthed turtle made him a bit apprehensive in his actions, as if he was a son that was dealt with a drunkard father.

"You lead the way." It wasn’t like he knew the sewers here like he did at his home, plus it would give him a chance to not be under his angry glare. He knew he fucked up, and if he could go back in time he would never have brought this to his home.

Even if he didn’t like this Raphael, he could even wish anything terrible to happen to him or his family…. Master Splinter. With out hesitation he quickly took what he needed and followed.


It was very clear that Raphael didn’t care for his multiverse counterparts or their brothers. To him they were just watered down versions of what he and his brothers were. He wasn’t even sure what kind of world this Leonardo lived in but one thing was certain.. the Prime world was not for someone like this Leonardo. If he had remained here, he could either get seriously hurt or killed.

For a brief moment, Raphael had looked over to the friendlier Leonardo and he had contemplated on what this world could do to him. He wasn’t so sure how the world he had come from differed from this one.. but if this Leonardo was different from the one he knew, and the Shredder was a stark contrast to the Oroku Saki whom he had killed years ago.. Then the criminals and villains likely were.. softer. Was that the right word to use?

Did the criminals and villains in this Leonardo’s world commit heinous acts like murder and human trafficking? From what Raphael could remember of this Leonardo’s Shredder and Krang.. They were like comical caricatures from a Saturday morning cartoon. The worst which they would commit was turning a city’s water supply into ooze or, from what Raphael could remember this Leonardo’s Shredder mentioning was using a giggle ray that Krang invented.

Something he noticed about this Leonardo.. the way he glared at him. There was almost a sense of.. maturity. The thousand yard stare. Had this Leonardo become less of the superhero and more of a true ninja?

"Huh.. Never thought I’d hear that.." Raphael remarked.

Obviously a clear reference to the conflict which he and his Leonardo often engaged in when it had come to matters in determining who was the better leader. While it wasn’t his Leonardo saying that he should take the lead, Raphael was going to take what he could get.


Raphael had quickly moved towards the back exit of the Lair, and he stepped into ankle deep level waters. The sewers were dimly lit but that was something to be expected, and even wanted. As a ninja, he had been told that darkness was the greatest ally one could have. Master Splinter had trained him to use the environment, to use the shade as a means of getting around.

However he wasn’t even so sure how the friendly Leonardo was trained in comparison to him and the Leonardo which he knew. From what he could remember of their brief battle.. Leonardo and his Turtles tried to run away as they were fearful of their lives.. But they possessed some degree of skill when they had to work together to defeat the Utrom Shredder, Ch’rell.

Then Raphael had heard the sounds of mechanical servos in motion and footsteps splashing into the water. He briefly heard voices and so he raised his hand up, clenched it into a fist— the gesture for stopping. Raphael listened to the voices.. and they were familiar.

"The Turtle in blue called Leonardo was last seen here, Kraang."

"Kraang is aware that the Turtle with the blue mask called Leonardo crossed over into this universe. The universe where we lost contact with Kraang."

Raphael had turned around and looked over to the blue masked pudgy Turtle, giving him a hard stare as if to get ready. He tensed up all of the muscles within his legs and he pushed himself up as he reached with his arms, grabbing a hold of a sewer pipe in his grasp and he hoisted himself up onto the pipe. Suspended upside down, Raphael waited for the intruders to arrive.

Soon, two beams of lights illuminated the darkness of the tunnel. Raphael was already hidden.. But how was Leonardo going to cope as two androids with pink brain like orgasms were arriving to the tunnel?

Wrathful Protector


” A happy accident?” She asked with a wry smile. “Well, that would be one way to put it,” 

Cherry had kinda felt like she was bonding with the other. He had, after all, ushered her in. They’d shared stories, he’d helped stablize her, and she found that he didn’t seem to mind too much if she touched him. She got the impression that he wasn’t the type to be utterly draped over, but he’d allowed her to get away with the brief touches they’d had so far. 

Before this whole mess Cherry had been a fairly happy girl. She was getting over the mysterious death of her family (an unsolved murder when he grandfather’s shop had been bomb, destroying the apartment above. Her grandfather had refused to pay a bunch hooligans protection money), but had her foster sister, who was good as the real thing, Gwen with her. With Harry and her soon to be husband Mitch in her life, nothing seemed to bother her. She was bubbly and effervescent and just full of light. She loved to touch. She loved to hug her friends, kiss their cheeks, link arms with them, leap on Harry’s back in impromptu piggy back rides, or sneaking kisses with her fiancee. 

She missed those days. She missed being as normal as she could be, but fate seemed to enjoy ripping everything out from her hand. 

She’d been married, but the stress of Gwen’s murder had affected, had chanced her and Mitch too much. They divoriced not a year after marriage. Cherry was no idiot to touch, to the birds and the bees. The problem was what Norman had done to her, shredding her confidence from the inside out and scarring her pale, soft body. She was ashamed of it. 

"April and Casey?" She asked softly. "Are they friends..or..or more family?…but that would be fine. I don’t want to crowd your home, Raphael. I’ll be happy with whatever you can provide me with," She didn’t want to let her hands linger on his, placing them in her lap.



Raphael wasn’t exactly the touchy feely kind of Turtle. As a matter of fact, when people had touched him— second nature often kicked in and he had wound up breaking people’s bones. Of course that was only in battle, but when out of it.. Raphael remained stoic and often had to endure the affections of others. Every now and then Michelangelo would give him the random and occasional hug. Raphael didn’t mind hugs from Michelangelo because he was his brother.. and the most expressive of the Turtles.

And then there was Casey’s daughter, Shadow. Given that she used to be a child that Raphael had grown accustom to, he had become something of an uncle to her. So naturally, he’d let Shadow embrace him within these hugs and he’d even let Shadow kiss him on the cheek. Now she was a grown woman, about to enter college and she still embraced Raphael in loving hugs and showered him with affection.

But Cherry was someone whom he was only getting acquainted with and she was all kinds of touchy feely. And who was he to tell her to stop? It would be different if she was a man but.. she was a woman. A broken, and abused woman who just wanted to be happy again. To feel no fear, and if she was comfortable and safe around him.. he couldn’t complain.

He didn’t mind the holding of hands.. He didn’t mind the hugs. Those were things which he could manage.

Her touch was warm, caring and gentle.. Much like her personality and her spirit from what he was able to tell. Raphael had only been around one person like this and that was April, though.. she was seen as more of a sisterly figure than anything else. Cherry.. Cherry just seemed to be different than April. Raphael contemplated something..

Was he sending the wrong signals?

What if she was interpreting his intentions wrong? He had every reason to help this woman as her situation was something pretty bad. But Raphael wasn’t so sure if she was misinterpreting his good deed. Yes, he was a hardened assassin and Raphael had killed enemies in battle, he was also known to be hard ass.. But only to a few did he show a caring side.. Now it just.. confused him.


"Yeah! April and Casey are friends but.. they’re extended members of our family. April.. we met when she was in a similar situation to yours. As for Casey well.. that crazy asshole is like a brother. You wouldn’t know it but Casey and me hit it off after we tried to beat the shit out of each other."

Thank God she had decided to change the subject a bit. Get the Turtle off his mind if whether or not his good intentions were being received mixed or not. The last thing he needed was to be emotionally confused..

Cherry needed protection, that much was certain and he was going to be staying the night with her until she felt comfortable enough for him to leave the lair and begin that mission of mercy.

Raphael was mentally cursing at himself.. How could he let this happen? Not that Cherry being friendly and interested in him was a bad thing but.. all of this was so confusing and it made him feel a little awkward. Again, the hugging he could handle.. a little awkward but nothing too weird. The holding of hands was something which he was fine with.

He needed to distract his mind from all this confusion.

"You look tired.. You should get some sleep. The others should be back soon. You can sleep in my bunk."

Wrathful Protector


Cherry saw the subtle changes come across the large warrior’s face. For a moment, she thought she had upset him. She couldn’t quite grasp the depth of what she’d said. She didn’t understand. 

She hesitated only a moment before reaching out and touch his arm gently, fingertips coming in contact with cool, textured skin. He had dropped his eyes bashfully and Cherry ducked her head a little to try and make contact with them again. 

 ”Did..did I say something wrong, Raphael?” She asked softly, her brows knitting together over her blue eyes.image

"Friends and family…those are good things to fight for," She murmured in agreement, her lips turned upwards. "I am looking forward to meeting yours," 

Family and friends were some of the most important things in Cherry’s life. She had lost so many that each one she had left was precious. There weren’t many left, but she was hoping she could add the ninja to that list. 

Her legs were throbbed from her long trek through the sewer and now all this standing. Cherry grabbed his hand this time, tugging him over gently towards the threadbare couch she saw, so they both could sit down. “I…I hate asking but…would I be able to stay? Just a couple days? I..I really have no where to go..I’ll need to find a place to live,”


"Nah! Nah, I’m fine.. Just.. no one’s called us a miracle before. Probably a happy accident but.. definitely not a miracle."

Raphael couldn’t believe the two words which he had said. Happy accident? That was something which Michelangelo would say and the red masked Turtle was feeling like he had put his fucking foot in his mouth.

He didn’t know what was happening but somehow this woman had managed to reach out and make him put down he defensive walls which he seemed to have around him constantly.

If Michelangelo were here, he would be poking fun at him for having these walls somewhat effortlessly torn down by Cherry even though she didn’t mean to when all she wanted was nothing but help. While the Turtles were known to be aggressive and ruthless, every now and then they had moments where they were vulnerable and opened themselves up. That’s how they were friends with April and Casey. And Cherry might end up being added to the list of few friends they had. He took in a deep breath of air and released a sigh from within.

He was supposed to be the fiery and hot-headed one of the bunch who had no qualms about killing, and was ready to chase a person out of the lair but Cherry’s story and situation had moved him. He had wanted to help her because her situation was similar to that of April’s.. someone had wanted her dead in order to silence the truth. And Raphael couldn’t let that happen.

Then he would be just as bad as the person who had done this to Cherry. If he and his brothers had refused to help April when Baxter had attempted to use the mousers to kill her.. they would’ve been one less friend and perhaps.. this was something meant to happen.

Another addition to their small but extended family couldn’t hurt. But he hardly knew Cherry. But then they hardly knew April and she had took them in when they had no place to go.


Then Raphael had felt her hand taking his own. It was a touch of need and it was a feeling that he hadn’t really been acquainted with. Raphael didn’t really know the touch of a woman. So this was something all new to him. He wasn’t so sure if any of his brothers had encounters like this. He wasn’t even so sure if the other Turtles in the multiverse had experiences like this either.

Well.. Michelangelo did have that short relationship with that lizard like alien girl, Sarah Hill but that relationship was cut short when she had been taken back to her species homeworld. He could’ve asked his brother what that was like but.. that would just be awkward. 

"Yeah, family’s all I got.. All I’ve ever really known."

He was guided over to the couch and watched as Cherry sat herself down, and the Turtle had blinked his eyes in a moment of.. confusion. He wasn’t really used to this particular situation.

Fuck, don’t tell me I’m getting soft.. Not with her.. For fuck sake! I CANNOT be getting soft with her! She’s been through fucking hell with that motherfucker, I get that but.. I need to get a grip on myself. I ain’t fucking soft.

When she had asked whether or not she could stay here a couple of days, Raphael couldn’t just send her back to the surface. And there was still information which he needed to get if he was going to be completing this mission of mercy. He’d have to arrange a few things.

"You can stay here a bit.. But I’m going to arrange something with Casey and April. When I’m done with all this.. I want you to go them and they might be able to help you find a place. That fine with you?"

She was an innocent thing.. A sweet little thing but she shouldn’t have been subject to the abuse she had been enduring for a long time.

Wrathful Protector


Raphael started his story, his voice changing tone and pitch. It became somber and reverent. He spoke of a young woman, beaten because she would change her heart and that sent a shiver through Cherry. It spoke of a man defending her honor and of the choice they had to make. 

She kept her face turned towards his, giving him her full attention as he continued to speak. As he told of the evil man’s brother, of the death of the good woman and her loyal lover and of the man’s pet rat. 

Her eyes widened as he explained that rat was the same that Raph had mentioned earlier. That it had saved him and his brothers. The story was incredible and compelling.


She moved a little closer at his story ended, her blue eyes large and curious. Cherry looked over at the armor Raph studied and the broken, jagged canister that was stained with green crust.

 ”These things…this armor was his? This..Saki? and…and this canister was from the mutagen you fell in?” She asked, a little breathless. “Then…your master…your brothers…you…you’re practically miracles…”

Cherry knew something about the law of averages, especially in science. She had to hear every night when one of Norman’s pet projects failed. When a serum was not going to the way he wanted, their rejection, the odds and favors of chance. Something like the large ninja in front of her was like winning the lottery ten times in a row. She very much doubted that they could be duplicated. 

She reached out trembling fingers to the rusty, dirty armor that laid on the shelf, but there was something sinister about it. The air around it seemed more cold to her and she jerked her hand back, goosebumps crawling up her arm. Cherry instinctively sidled a little closer to the large turtle.

 ”So…if..if you completed your mission…what do you do now?” 


Raphael had dropped his jaw a bit as soon as Cherry had called him, his brothers and Master Splinter that particular word. Miracles. Raphael had never really considered in using that word to describe himself and his family. In fact he couldn’t even remember anyone, even friends like April and Casey using such words to describe the Turtles was.. unheard of. It was a move which had shook Raphael to his core. It moved him immensely.

All these years of being hidden underground. All these years of being hunted by the Foot clan and other enemies. Feelings of never belonging, never being accepted save for a select few.

There were many words which others had used to described the Turtles, often negative words which they were called. Monsters. Freaks. Abominations.

But never had the word miracles been placed upon them. Raphael had lowered his eyes down to the ground and this was a rare thing for Cherry to see happen. The only people who had seen what was about to happen were April O’Neil and Master Splinter. Raphael was supposed to be this fiery and angry individual, hardened by many years of training in the art of ninjutsu and tempered through the experiences which he had underwent.

He was a fighter. He was a warrior. He was a ninja.

But he had never been called a miracle and it had such a profound effect on him. Raphael had worked to keep his emotions in check and he could feel his eyes glossing over. He needed to be strong, he needed to be that fiery and powerful warrior whom he needed to be if he were to go out there and do the mission of mercy that he had promised her.

"…Yeah.. Miracles.."

Raphael took in a moment to fight back the tears of appreciation for Cherry’s opinion of him and his brothers. They were the only ones of their kind, not counting the fact that there were other Turtles within the context of a multiverse. As far as Raphael was aware.. He and his brothers were the only mutant Turtles that happened to be the result of a very fortunate accident.

Upon being asked now that he and his brothers had long since completed the assassination of Oroku Saki.. he couldn’t help but ponder what their purpose was as ninja. They didn’t have any real purpose. No actual missions which were to be carried out. Every adventure and experience he and his brothers had often had involved protecting each other and the extended members of their family.

So the only missions which they took.. were self-appointed ones and that often involved patrols around the city and keeping an eye out for trouble.

"We mostly fight to protect ourselves.. and friends.."


Raphael Defeat by TPollockJR
Wrathful Protector


She just wanted to crumble. She wanted to curl up into a ball and cry until it all went away. She didn’t want to think she had sentenced someone to death no matter how much he deserved it. Cherry was starting to wonder what she was deciding when the stony exterior of the ninja cracked just a little.

 A mercy mission? Yes, that’s what it was and that’s what was needed. Someone needed to stop this and and Raphael seemed more than qualified for the job. She rubbed at her eyes again, hating that they were leaking so much. She didn’t want to appear to be such a weakling, but she couldn’t help it. 

Then he reached out and took her hand. Large, alien hands on hers, ragged fingernails, calloused palms, thick digits, all spoke of a hard lifestyle, but were light as a feather on her skin. She blinked and looked up at him, suddenly captivated as he stood with the same grace she had admired when he was fixing the tea. 

Without words, she let him take lead her further into the den, to look at a shelf with many, many items, none of which made much sense to her, but they must have been important. There was even what reminded her of ancient Japanese armor…what were they called..Shoguns or Samurais…one of those words. She wished she wasn’t so ignorant now. 

She kept a tight hold of his hand, savoring the contact. She was so hungry for kindness and touch, ones that didn’t end in pain. He stared at the shelf for several heart beats and then turned to her. Cherry inclined her head.

 ”I..I have all the time in the world,” She said with a little smile and a gentle laugh. 



Raphael had stared upon the armor of what was perhaps his most notable foe. A foe who was a constant within the multiverse as far as he was concerned. He had encountered three versions of Oroku Saki, four if he were to count the Saki clone who had been regenerated with a special type of magical worms. And then there was Lady Shredder.. who had happened to be the wife of Oroku Saki, and the mother of the late Oroku Pimiko.

But this was the armor of Oroku Saki. Not the nasally voiced, whiny and underling of Krang who had come from a softer, friendlier universe. Nor was this the alien Utrom who had come to destroy this universe to destroy all Ninja Turtles in existence.

This was the original Shredder.. The one true Shredder, despite Ch’rell’s claims. Without this Shredder.. Ch’rell wouldn’t even have existed, nor would the Oroku Saki from the friendlier universe who was pale comparison of the original.

Raphael turned and looked to Cherry and he had noticed her smile. It almost made him feel good to see her smile like that. But the most emotion which he would show would be a mere nod of the head. He returned his attention to the armor of the Shredder.

"A long time ago, there was a man named Hamato Yoshi and he was considered one of the best the Foot had to offer. His only rival was man named Oroku Nagi, and they competed in all things."

Raphael had heard the story so many times from his Master Splinter. And it was interested for him to tell it to someone like Cherry. But there was a reason why he had wanted to tell her. Because it was also a story she could relate to.

"But none more fiercely than for the love of a woman. Tang Shen. Nagi had begged, pleaded and desired Shen but she belonged to Yoshi and constantly rejected Nagi. One night, Nagi felt as if he couldn’t have Shen, then no one would. Yoshi returned home, to see Tang Shen beaten by Nagi.. in defense of Shen.. he killed Nagi but also dishonored himself for killing a fellow member of the Foot. He had two choices— either commit seppuku or flee the country."


Raphael took in a deep breath of air knowing that the next few parts might be hard for Cherry. But this was a story which needed to be told to her in order to fully understand how this related to what he was about to do for her.

"Yoshi and Shen fled Japan, but they also left some demons behind. Nagi had a brother.. and the clan of Oroku had been stained with dishonor for Nagi’s acts but.. Nagi’s brother didn’t take it sitting down. Oroku Saki took it upon himself to extract his vengeance on Yoshi. Years later, he tracked them down to New York.. Killed Shen in their home, and then he killed Yoshi but in the process, Saki failed to notice Yoshi’s pet rat that broke free from his cage during the fight."

Raphael had released his hands from Cherry’s and he moved over towards the armor of the Shredder. But then he had stared down at the broken canister that read TCRI.

"That rat.. was my mentor. And he found me and my brothers when we were dropped here by accident. Then we were exposed to some.. catalyst. The Mutagen. We mutated.. and Master Splinter trained us since the day we could work in the ways of ninja."

Raphael then moved his arms and took a hold of the helmet of Oroku Saki, and he pulled it off from the rack and stared down to it.

"We were raised for a single mission.. to avenge the death of Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen. To kill the Shredder. And we have long since completed that mission."