The Hot-Headed Turtle


Mirage Turtles

"We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We strike hard, and fade away into the night."
Damn Wannabe’s!


Mikey had straightened his nunchuck chain over his face to catch the impending blow to his eyes that didn’t make contact. Not by his defensive move, but by his attackers sudden and unexpected halt.

"And home, wherever the hell you came from is exactly where you belong! This place isn’t for softies like you.. Look at yourself!"

Mikey obeyed, hesitantly looking over his own dirtied form and placing a hand over the gash just below his chest.

Softy? I’m not a softy am I? He jumped me, if I was in better form I could’ve fought back better right? Softy… no way

The small turtle wisely kept these thoughts to himself, relieved when the stranger returned the sias to his belt, terrified when a hand shot out and snatched him up by the bandanna tails and forced him to his feet.

"You need a lot more training. The fact that I pretty much kicked your ass without breaking a sweat.. makes you a poor excuse for a ninja. You stay here.. You’re gonna be in a world of hurt. But you don’t wanna be here, so.. I wanna know how the hell you got here."

Mikey lifted his hands and pried the hands off of his mask, finally getting free as soon as the turtle finished delivering his firm murderous threat.

Having no real reason to lie and hoping for a distraction from the degrading attitude, Mikey took a cloth from his belt and began dabbing away at the blood leaking from his plastron… left cheek already beginning to swell from the firm blows to his face as he explained his story.

"Me and my bros were doing a Kraang investigation thingy. Found an old abandoned warehouse but no aliens inside it, so naturally we all started looking around… and since I’m a total genius at finding these kinds of things I discovered the pink glowing portal doorway in a broom closet. However, just as I called out to the dudes, my leg got caught and I got sucked in. I grabbed the door handle to pull myself free… but that turned out being a bad idea, because the door totally closed on my face. Flash of pink and a bibbity boppity boo, I’m here"

Michelangelo let out a sigh, breaking from his self-doctoring to rub his throbbing jaw.

"I don’t think my bros mannaged to get in the portal behind me. Maybe because it shut off when I closed the door, maybe there’s a tempura dyslexia thingy going on in your universe too. Point is I’m lost, confused, and in some serious need of neosporin, comprende amigo?"


He listened to what Michelangelo was telling him. So he was definitely here by accident and it wasn’t entirely his fault that he was here. But from what he was being told, it seemed as if the Kraang were largely responsible for leaving doorways open and the result was this Michelangelo being here in a world where he didn’t belong. Raphael could forgive that much because it was clear to him that Mike wanted to go back home. Nothing wrong with that.

But the lingo which he spoke was just.. mind numbingly stupid. Not even his Michelangelo spoke that whatsoever. The Michelangelo he knew spoke like a mature adult, if not a little slang used here and there and was more laid back than the rest of the Turtles. But this Michelangelo here? Raphael just.. grit his teeth as he restrained himself from violently lashing out against him as he did earlier.

Tempura dyslexia? Comprende amigo?

Raph clenched his hands firmly into fists as he listened to Michelangelo continue on describing his predicament. But as soon as he had called him amigo.. Raphael immediately moved a hand out and he took a firm hold of the smaller, friendlier and pudgier Turtle in his three fingered grasp by the face, squeezing his cheeks firmly. He moved towards the wall, aiming to pin Michelangelo against the brick wall.

He stared hard into the blue eyes of this Michelangelo, and if Michelangelo stared back.. he’d see the fire in Raphael’s eyes.. the same fire which the Raphael that he knew likely had but the fire was much more intense, and there was also something else. The hardened look of an accomplished assassin.

If he wanted to.. Raphael could kill this Michelangelo. The wound on the smaller, younger Turtle’s plastron was proof of that.

"Shut the fuck up! Stop talking right now, you little shit! Let’s get something straight.. I am not your amigo. I’m not your friend. I’m not your buddy. I’m not even an acquaintance."

The mere thought of being considered something close to the multiverse counterpart Turtles was something.. infuriating. Of course he had remembered how Leonardo had called them ‘Bros’ after the defeat of the Utrom Shredder, though whether he meant something by that.. Remained up for debate.

Raphael released his grasp from Michelangelo’s face and he dropped him onto the ankle level waters of the tunnel. Right now, Raphael was wishing that Kaos was here.. or Donatello even.

"Listen.. the Kraang have been here too. They even brought the TCRI building back. Course me and some fucked up crazy woman took the place down. Blew it up real good. But if you’re here.. Then there’s still a backdoor here.."

Raphael was getting ideas.. He remembered destroying the portal gateway. And he also remembered Kaos managing to take the power crystal. But if Michelangelo came here.. then there must’ve been another gateway that he passed himself through.

He and Kaos managed to blow up the TCRI building.. taking down many Kraang. But what if they were still.. underground?

"Think I may know how get your marshmellow candy ass back home."

So much for Lo Mein!




He quickly looked from side to side as if that would give him what he was seeking, when he quickly knew that it was foolish to even think that something would be so easy.

He did recall seeing those letter and numbers when he was with Don, He would assume it was the portal stick that had those same combination of letters and numbers, he quickly pushed it aside as he moved over towards the robotic bodies that lay lifeless on the ground.

Pushing one over towards it’s side as he inspected it, his brows creasing as he ran his fingers over the metallic body, seeing no signs of anything on it that could give them a clue.

It was shocking to know that he was willing to help him out, help save their world, he is what they have told… the beginning to everything. He was willing to come to his world, a world full of color and many possibilities. 

Would Raphael feel out of place as he is feeling in this world? Would it shock him at how different these world are. They only knew them from coming here… but to see the big picture… Would he even enjoy a slice of pizza at Vinny’s?

He stood up, clearly nothing was found.

"Would it help if I said I might have seen those same coordinates before?” He asked, not looking up to see what look his rather hot headed friend might give.


Raphael watched the blue clad Turtle working to find the device and if he should find it, a small flicker of hope and purpose had entered the mutant red ear slider’s mind. If there was a way to stop the dimensional barriers from deteriorating.. then he would go through any means necessary.. even going as far as to visiting other worlds. And if Fearless Leader was going to give him shit for then, then Raphael wouldn’t mind shutting him up with a fist to the beak.

When the younger, friendlier Turtle had spoken out in mentioning that he had seen the coordinates before— Raphael blinked upon knowing that as of now. Had this Turtle and his team mates been dimension hopping long after all these years since the defeat of the Utrom Shredder?

"…Yeah.. It sort of does help."

Raphael had his suspicions but he wasn’t sure.. How did this Leonardo know about these coordinates? Something about that really didn’t sit too well with the aggressive red masked Turtle. Raphael took a moment to think about the past.. when Ch’rell had invaded Turtle Prime with the Technodrome. And he remembered how the enhanced Fortress had transported from his world to this Leonardo’s world.

It immediately dawned on Raphael that if the Technodrome had long since hailed from the blue clad Turtle’s world.. then the dimensional barriers may have been long since deteriorating. Of course, Raphael had no idea what exactly went on in this Leo’s world but if dimensional tampering was rampant there…

Quickly.. Raph shook his head.


Whatever was on Leonardo’s world, Raphael likely wasn’t going to be prepared for it. He had recalled the shock of the two Turtle teams when they had arrived here on his world, and the initial shock and disbelief that a world like this could exist. But surely.. the opposite could exist in the case of the friendly Leonardo’s world.

On this world.. Things like violence and death were a common occurrence. Here the villains were nothing like whatever Leonardo had encountered. The good guys won half the time as much as the villains did, and even then.. the good guys didn’t always win. But if this Leonardo was a kinder, gentler version of the Fearless Leader he knew.. was his world a reflection of that as well?

A world where Oroku Saki was the underling of an annoying brain like creature that resembled the Utroms? And if it was being invaded by the Kraang from another universe.. All of this started to make Raphael’s head spin. He was sorely wishing Kaos.. or even Donatello was here.

"Look.. I’m not good with this quantum physics stuff. So if you can figure out how to operate this damn thing to get to your world.. By all means, let’s get there and kick some serious ass!"

Damn Wannabe’s!


Mikey quickly went into action as he was faced with another attack, but wasn’t nearly quick enough. With a sharp duck he dodged the sai handle, but only to be caught by the elbow to his temple. There was a flash of stars immediately followed by a painful knock against the bottom of his jaw that sent him flying up and falling back down to the ground.


The alternate turtle spoke. A detesting harshness in his voice that Michelangelo almost assumed was signaling an oncoming the coup de grâce. Trying to pull some glimmer of understand out of the haze of pain and dizziness, Mikey answered as he struggled back to his feet.

"Portal… didn’t meant to… I just want to go home"

He held tightly to his weapons, trying to resist the urge to block before a blow was even thrown. This turtle… similar in some ways yet VERY different in others… was fast, adept, and not exactly what you would call a pacifist. If he didn’t make peace or get out of here quickly, this was not going to end well.

Something about most of the counterpart Turtles that Raphael noticed that they seemingly paled in comparison in terms of skill and overall ability. He was beginning to wonder what their Master Splinter had taught them, and if he was something of an effective teacher. Whatever their master had taught them, it was clear that they needed more training and perhaps far more experience. The fact that this Michelangelo barely seemed to put up a fight was deplorable.

It painfully reminded him of the pudgy Turtles with the lettered belts that he had man-handled by himself years ago when the Utrom Shredder invaded the Prime universe. But this Michelangelo.. Raphael seemed to relish in the punishment which he was delivering on him.

Raphael skillfully twirled his sai within his hands and he raised them up as he stepped forward, only to then thrust his arms down for a killing stab as he had aimed to plunge the twin sai into the eyes of Michelangelo.. but upon hearing that he had wanted to go home.. Raphael had stopped himself.

"And home, wherever the hell you came from is exactly where you belong! This place isn’t for softies like you.. Look at yourself!"

He wasn’t even sure which Turtles he disliked more.. the pudgy ones with the lettered belts.. or whatever this Michelangelo was supposed to be. Raphael had shook his head from side to side and growled.

He lowered his hands, moving his sai down to his utility belt. Angrily, Raphael moved a hand out and took a firm hold of Michelangelo by the orange colored bandana from the back, and pulled him up onto his feet.

Just the blue eyed, innocent and friendly appearance.. seemed to infuriate Raphael. But this Turtle made it clear that he just wanted to go home. He wasn’t here for sight seeing, he wasn’t even here out of curiosity. If he wanted to go home, then he was here by accident.

Raphael understood.. and respected that to an extent.

"You need a lot more training. The fact that I pretty much kicked your ass without breaking a sweat.. makes you a poor excuse for a ninja. You stay here.. You’re gonna be in a world of hurt. But you don’t wanna be here, so.. I wanna know how the hell you got here."

If Leonardo were here.. Well, chances are he would’ve joined in the beat down. But if Michelangelo were here.. his Mike anyway.. Raphael wouldn’t even so much as enjoyed the thought. One Mikey was bad enough but another? Raph prayed that wouldn’t come to pass.

"And you better tell me the truth or I’m breaking your shell open."

Ninja Turtles by lukekeith


He  had stirred in his slumber as soon as he felt someone or something nestling up against him. Raphael had opened his eyes and the first thing he was met with was the face of the chaosling whom had grown on  his nerves. A growl escaped from the red masked Turtle as he immediately thrust an elbow out to bat it firmly against Kaos.


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So much for Lo Mein!


He took a step back, still keeping a hold on the robotic suit this kraang was in. Strange that these alien creatures that looks like brains would choose to be inside the torso instead of the head, not that it would benefit them in combat. 

From just a quick look the creature looked petrified, not because of him but more because Raphael was standing near them both, His brows still furrowed, and his coal black eyes giving the mutant turtle a murderous look as he stared down at the Kraang.

It was going to be easy getting information, seeing that this version of Raphael made anyone that was around him feel like they was walking a tight rope with death. He would assume anyone crazy enough to go against this force was asking for trouble or they’re basically just like him, only more screwed up.

One thing was for certain was that this Raphael got the job done, unlike his brother that was a bit lazy in the department. The only thing scary about him was his jokes. Thankfully this Raphael wont be telling any jokes from what he can gather. He was a force, and something he wished his brothers was close to in skill.

He wondered if his alternate in this dimension…

He raised a brow, his mouth hanging open as the word wannabe came from the turtles lips. Raphael seem to be taking pleasure in the fact that it was a stab at him. He never really thought about himself as being such, he always thought there was only one of them, there was only four and that’s it. was the going to be a non-ending cycle?

He watched as Raphael questioned the Kraang, pressing the tip of his sai deeper as it made a screeching sound. What was funny was the creature looked over towards him as if it was asking for help. He might be the softer turtle here, but he wanted answers as much as Raphael. Plus he knew not to get between Raphael and something he wants to deal with, for this Kraang should know to listen and answer questions quickly before Raphael patience wears off.

Leonardo and Raphael exchanged looks. Neither stating out loud what they was thinking between them but it was already knowledge now. Leonardo didn’t have to fake the smile that was spreading across his face.

"Thank you Raph, we need as much help as we can get." His smile not dropping as Raphael told him not to dimension hop, it was something they did when they was younger. But after finding his counterparts dimension, they swore they wouldn’t which didn’t last long because of the last battle with lord dregg.

A scream burst out as he watched the Kraang be quickly taken care of, his hands moving away as the robotic body dropped down against the ground. 

"That was so messed up.." He whispered to himself before Raphael. 


Raphael had looked to the face of the kinder, gentler Leonardo from the cartoonish world. The aggressive mutant Turtle had raised a brow and saw that this Turtle wasn’t making jokes or badly worded puns.. or talking about getting a slice of pizza. Or even laughing for that matter. Normally, Raphael wouldn’t give his counterpart brothers the time of day but this Leonardo seemed to be more.. mature.

He shrugged his shoulders and then put this thought to the back of his head and he stepped his way over to where one of the dead Kraang were laying, and he noticed the wrist device which the other Kraang had mentioned as how they were getting around the multiverse. Raphael had hunched down and took a hold of the severed arm that Leonardo had cut, and he gripped the mechanical limb.

Raphael had looked to the device for a moment and right about now, he was seriously wishing that Donatello was here to examine this thing. But being the impulsive Turtle which he so happened to be, Raph didn’t have time to wait for Donatello to get all technical. A momentary wave of doubt had entered into Raphael’s mind.

What if he had accidentally wound up in another universe where there were creatures which were indescribable that were more than capable of eating him and Leonardo? What if he had wound up in a dimension where the air was made of chloroform of sorts?

It was this reason why Leonardo, his Leonardo anyway, had suggested that the dimension hopping was an extremely dangerous thing and needed to be avoided.

"Well fuck me, I don’t know how this works.. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Aaaaaaugh! I offed the bastard without even knowing how this works!"

It seemed as if his impulsive anger had gotten the better of himself and Raphael angrily kicked at the ankle deep level water, casing a splash to move through the surface. He started to frantically pace now, and he began to think of a way around this mistake.

"These things.. they’ve gotta have some sorta coordination, right? Like.. Something which traces back to the dimension which you came from. Something which has my world’s coordinates.. And yours."

Raph looked down to the limb which he was holding onto and he noticed that the device’s LED screen had a coordination which consisted of an assortment of abbreviated letters and numbers. The coordination to his world had read off as MRG-1984. Raphael could only assume that this was the multiverse designation for his world.

He looked to the Kraang which he had killed moments ago and looked to the device which was on the exoskeleton. It had read as MRKMI-1987.

"Hey.. Find another device with these letters and numbers. If another matches.. I’m guessing those are the coordinates to your world."

Damn Wannabe’s!


Mikey’s first impulse upon finding himself trapped in the odd black and white world was to head to the sewers, and that was exactly what he did. With a little luck, he could find shelter from the onlookers above and maybe even come upon a clue as to how to get home.

Just let the old turtle luck come into play. Either way, good or bad, something was going to happen. That’s just the way it alway rolled… same luck that got him into this mess, it was likely going to be the same luck that got him out.


Suddenly, as if goaded into existence by the thought, Michelangelo heard footsteps in an adjacent tunnel. Praying that either a Kraang or a soon-to-be ally would be awaiting him, Mikey cautiously approached… tempted to call out, but stopped himself upon figuring he wouldn’t want to alert any unfriendly alien of his presence. For now, until he had a plan, he’d have to lay low… just like he did in dimension X until the rocktopus forced him out of the hiding spot and he-

Sharply tugged out of lighthearted reflection on past events, Mikey returned his ears to the surrounding tunnels and found that the pattering of feet had become more apparent, and was quickly growing louder.

Suddenly aware of the impending shadow he turned just in time to be greeted with a sharp stab of sai against his plastron, barely blocked… only a flesh wound thanks to impulsive instinct.


A terrifyingly furious yell from a shadowy reptillian figure sent him into a panic, and stumbling back against the sewer wall he reached for his nunchucks.

"Stop! W-wait! I come in peace!?" he begged, wincing in the midst of his pained torso as he twirled his weapon at his side.



If there was one thing which Raphael truly didn’t like much, it was the Turtles from the multiverse. To him they were toned down and weaker versions of himself and his brothers. Of course he’d give credit where credit was due, and there might be some counterparts which he could’ve tolerated, but then there were others which he just downright didn’t even so much as like, and given the fact that the Prime Turtles were more in-tune with their territorial nature as Red Ear Sliders.. One could assume that Raphael was simply being what he was.. a turtle of the Red Ear pond slider variety, a species of turtles who were notoriously known to be aggressive.

And right about now, that aggression was shown as Raphael growled. His eyes were glaring to the friendlier, happier Michelangelo. And so far Raphael had come across two other Michelangelo’s.. one who had a Californian accent with stoner lingo.. and the lettered belts. And another was more taller, leaner. But this Michelangelo?

Raphael.. just.. could not tolerate. And he made the mistake of taking his weapons out in defense. Raphael however saw this as something of an offensive gesture when he had took his nunchaku out.


Raphael rushed in towards Michelangelo once more, and he had turned with his hips and he swung his right arm across, aiming to pummel the handle of his sai hard across this friendlier version of his brother hard across the face. If Michelangelo were hit, he’d likely feel a stunning blow impacting him quite harshly. But Raphael wasn’t done here as with fluid movement, he turned in a spin and he pushed his left arm’s elbow out, aiming to slam it hard for Michelangelo’s head to inflict more pain.

Finishing up with this combination, the mutant pond slider had quickly swung his right arm up in an uppercut, aiming to slam it hard and knock Michelangelo to the ground.

The idea was to inflict pain onto the smaller, younger and pudgier Turtle assuming that Raphael had managed to inflict the strong blows onto this Michelangelo.

As for this Michelangelo’s plea.. Raphael had heard it, but he had opted not to acknowledge it. Just seeing this Turtle angered Raphael, as he had assumed that the Kraang which he killed that invaded this world and his foiling of their plan would’ve stopped the dimensional barriers from crumbling.

"You fucking wannabe’s just never listen! We told you to never, ever fucking come here! How the fuck did you get here?!"

Fatal Fury


Afraid? Afraid? This ridiculous mercenary was accusing him of cowardice? No, that didn’t fly with the Goblin. 

Fly…now that was a great idea.

From his belt he pressed a small button and there came a rumbling from the burning home. Out of a window crashed his bat wing glider. The wing swooped down and Norman hopped aboard. 

"Don’t run away, friend," Norman cackled as he sped towards the figure that had just hauled himself to the top of the building. "We’re just getting started,"

From the satchel at his hip he grabbed several of his pumpkin bombs which he tossed down to the escaping reptile. “Don’t be such a fraidy cat! Stop running away!”


The aggressive red ear slider had continued running along the rooftops, jumping across them to land onto the next one ahead and he had rebounded off from the walls to keep on moving. He ran along the tops, and leaped, hurdled and flipped as fast as he could. While he wasn’t as agile as Spider-Man, Raphael was able to leap at heights and move as fast as Captain America— a result of the mutagen enhancing his physical capabilities coupled with his training in acrobatics as a ninja.

Raphael had moved to evade the incoming bombs which were moving in for him, and he had heard the explosions from down behind himself. He was no strange evading explosives and ballistics, but never the less.. one of those bombs that got him would surely injure or perhaps even kill the Turtle. So Raphael had to move as fast as he could with the darkness, and evaded the incoming bombs.

He had tensed up all of the muscles within his entire body as he had now leapt forward and high. He had landed feet first down onto a rooftop and Raphael immediately dropped forward and rolled ahead, now moving behind a large and thick chimney as he had allowed the Goblin to fly after him. The Turtle remained quiet and still now as he pressed his carapace shell against the brick chimney.

This motherfucker is insane… That’s okay… Cause I can show him how I am crazy as hell too.

The mutant Turtle had listened to the sounds of thrusters igniting. He had looked ahead and watched as the Glider was hovering as the Goblin was in search of the red masked Turtle. Raphael knew that the Glider was a weapon which gave Osborn the advantage. And that was a weapon which he had needed to take away. But Raphael had remembered how observant.. Osborn seemed to be. He looked down and noticed a loose brick before him.

Raphael had looked all around himself, noticing there were plenty of roof air conditioners. Plenty of cover for him here. Also.. a way to perhaps throw Norman off. Immediately he reached out with his right arm and took a hold of the brick, and tossed it forward towards one of the air conditioner boxes. The brick would land behind the box, and the sound of gravel moving would perhaps catch Norman’s attention.

The idea was to get a reaction out of him..


Should Norman’s attention be caught by the noise.. Raphael had moved his hands down and he had slipped his hands into the utility belt. He had took a set of shuriken for a reason, for long distance and mid-range striking. But he had a particular set of shurikens meant for the Glider. In fact, Raphael was hoping to use these. He took aim for the Glider, and the Turtle had peeked out from the thick chimney.

He had tossed his hands forward and out— throwing out four of the throwing blades towards the Glider. One was aimed out at the front of the air vehicle, and three were aimed for the underneath. Now.. Norman might find the idea of throwing stars being used against the Glider to be nonsensical.. even laughable. By all means, most shurikens wouldn’t even so much as do damage to such a Glider.

But these weren’t the run of the mill shurikens.

Norman would find out the hard way if the shurikens were to strike at the Glider, and embed themselves into the vehicle. After that, should their intended mark land.. they would explode violently and erupt in a ball of flame, and perhaps cause Norman to fall onto the rooftop quite harshly.

An idea borrowed from the cartoonish pudgy Turtles, courtesy of Donatello being inspired by his younger, friendlier counterpart. The exploding shurikens were definitely going to be a nasty surprise and perhaps.. Norman might feel some pain.

Fatal Fury


That girl. Did she really have the guts to wrap herself some assassin so soon to get him bumped off? His eyes swept over the carnage of his home, his car, and irritation licked at his insides, but they were all material. He had more than enough money to purchase all again as soon as the sun rose. What mattered now was sating the Goblin’s hunger before the authorities arrived.

 ”Did she tell you to bomb my car? Such a childish touch” He rambled on as something moved, outlined in the crimson light of fire and silver moonlight. “Ah, there you are!” His green grew maniacal as he didn’t wait for the person to completely reveal himself. He reached to his belt with practice ease, throwing several metal knives, sharpened into the shape of crescents. What he had seen was someone with bulk and promised muscle, smallish, and green. No, no child, but perhaps a vigilante. “Come on now, don’t be shy, I like to play with everyone,” He chuckled.

He stared to Norman for a moment with a glare that could perhaps be just as hot, if not hotter than the burning flames which were consuming Norman’s home. And here he had been hoping to instill a sense of fear into the man, but it seemed as if Norman had relished the fact that Cherry had sent the Turtle to kill Osborn. On the contrary.. Cherry didn’t send him directly, as Raphael had offered to do the job. Whether it was out of kindness or sheer anger towards the abuse she endured, remained to be debated but right now that didn’t matter.

The red masked ninja had stared to Norman, taking note of his actions for the time being and noticed that he pulled out some shuriken like weapons himself. Bat shaped weapons.. Raphael inwardly snickered at this as he wanted to say something.. but actions spoke louder.

In some odd way.. and he didn’t know why but Raphael was almost reminded of Oroku Saki. The very same man whom Master Splinter had described as a boogeyman during his childhood, the very man whom he had been spending a majority of his life in training to kill. And that accomplishment was done a long time ago, and no longer was Raphael a teenager but perhaps.. a recognized ninjutsu master with over thirty years of experience to boot.

Just the very sight of Norman was enough to cause Raphael’s anger to flare. As much as he wanted to actually go on over and take this man into a fight, Raphael wanted it to be done in a certain way. He had roused the Goblin’s attention, and Cherry had warned him that the man would not hold back.. That’s okay.. because Raphael allowed the fire to burn hotter and wilder within.. But he kept it contained. The longer Raphael allowed that fire to swell and grow.. the stronger he would become with it as long as he didn’t allow it to burn himself.

"So you’re the fucking asshole, hm? A green fucking gimp who’s really into LARP that gets his jollies from beating up on others? You’re a fucking piece of shit.."

It was very obvious at this point that Raphael didn’t think too kindly of Norman. Then again there were few people that did. The red masked Turtle had remembered everything which he had done that Cherry had told him. Every atrocity which he had committed.

"You killed a girl on the Brooklyn Bridge.. You treat your son, your own flesh and blood as if he were nothing but shit! And you beat up on a woman who can’t even defend herself. You think you’re a bad-ass, you think you’re a man? You ain’t fucking shit! You’re just a limp dick who wears some terribly made cosplay from Lord of the Rings!"

Raphael remained in the shadows for now, his outlining only traced by the yellow flares and the pale moonlight. The tanto which he gripped in his hand faintly shimmered in the light. As much as Raphael wanted to use it on this man, and he will in due time.. He wouldn’t just yet.

"You ain’t no man.. You’re just a stupid boy who likes to play pretend thinking he’s a monster. You wanna prove you’re a bad ass? You want to play? Alright.. I’ll play with you. Rooftop.. Oscorp Tower. Thirty minutes."

And being the trained ninja which he so happened to be, Raphael had slunk back into the darkness and disappeared from Norman’s view. As he moved within the darkness, Raphael moved his hands down and he sheathed the tanto back into the belt but he felt around for the climbing claws and gathered them from the utility belt— slipping them on his hands.

He moved further into the darkness and away from the area until he had come across a brick built building. Placing his hands onto the foundation of the wall, and embedding the climbing claws— he started to quickly work his way up to the rooftop of a nearby house and immediately pulled himself onto the top. If Norman were to look up, he’d see the burly and large silhouette of his would be attacker.

"Come alone, if you’re not afraid!" Raphael shouted.

And with that.. Raphael turned and he moved with the shadows. Running across the rooftop and leaped over the edge. He ran and jumped from rooftop to rooftop.. making his way over to where Oscorp Tower was. As he had moved along, Raphael had reminded himself back when he was thirteen.. how he had intruded upon Oroku Saki’s place of business and delivered the challenge to the Shredder.

Funny.. how history had a way of repeating itself.

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Fatal Fury



Perhaps if Norman was just any other man the turtle’s job would have been a quick one. The thing unknown to most (except maybe Norman’s most hate enemies) was that the goblin serum running in Norman’s veins heightened his senses, even if it stole his sanity.

He turned from the fire in time to see the window shatter. This wouldn’t be the first molotov cocktail the mad man had scene. Norman turned on his heel, feeling adrenaline spike his veins. 

He leapt over the large sofa he had been sitting on before, huddling behind it as the pyro blew. Glass and whatever else had been in that bottle blasted around the room, making his ears ring. Another similar explosion went off, but it was muffled, coming from outside. 

Now. NOW, Norman was pissed off and when he was pissed off, the Goblin came out to play. As the fire alarms went off, so did the sprinkles, dousing the glowing room. Smoke filled the air as Norman numbly pressed to his feet. 

He stalked over to the smoldering edge of a large desk that had occupied the far edge of the room. He slapped a button on the underside and a portion of the wall slid away. The water from the sprinklers plastered Norman’s hair to his head, drenching his suit. That was okay. He was going to change anyways.

Off came the fitted suited, off came the designer watch and the diamond cufflinks, off came the cashmere socks and Italian leather shoes. On came a green suit of close fitting green scales that were able to deflect a knife’s edge or standard bullets. On went the sparkler cuffs that were able to sear a man’s retina and render him blind. On went the boots, the tunic, and the gloves of his trademark purple hue. Finally, on went the mask with it’s bulging yellow eyes and crazed smile.

 ”Now,” The Goblin purred as he reached for the satchel that held his toys. “Let’s see who has arrived for such a rudely scheduled play date,”

No glider. Not yet. With a run and a leap, he exited the broken, burning window, landing in a feral crouch, shattered glass crunching under his boots. Yellow eyes looked to the left and to the right. His car was a blaze, his men were dead, and something fluttered in the breeze.

 ”Come now,” He said, loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. “You didn’t come all this way to pass notes, did you? A note is rather underwhelming after all this,” He chuckled, the sound high and grating. He went to the light post, wrenching the odd knife from it. “Oh…Oh,” More laughter came, “Now, this is rich. I see she got to you already…that didn’t take long,”


As he remained in the shadows, Raphael had watched as his enemy had come down. And here he had been hoping that the fire bomb would’ve at least inflicted some damage down onto the Goblin. At least he had managed to get a reaction out of him, but had he wanted to attack Norman— Raphael would’ve done that head on.

No, he had something more in mind.. Some further long lasting. To destroy a self-made man, one must destroy their accomplishments. And he had done that.. as Raphael destroyed Norman’s car, and if the insane man had even bothered to care.. His home. The red masked Turtle took a bit of pleasure in knowing that this man’s home was being reduced to embers. Until the fiery glow had faded.. And seeing this man.. and him calling the Turtle out.. Boiled his blood.

Perhaps he had approached the situation all wrong, perhaps he hadn’t. Anger had clouded the mind, and Master Splinter’s teachings were ringing true within his mind. But Norman was obviously very insane— and Raphael was almost reminded of the Jester, the killer whom he had managed to beat to a pulp back in the sewers. But this was no ordinary man whom Raphael was dealing with.

And Raphael.. was no ordinary ninja either. Nor was he even an ordinary Turtle, as the mutagen in his blood stream had enhanced him to something essentially superhuman. Perhaps near or even slightly surpassing the physical capabilities of someone like Steve Rogers. Raphael had a modicum of superhuman strength, enhanced speed and reflexes.. And he had encountered his share of superhuman enemies.


Still, he remained in the shadows.. Hidden from Norman Osborn. Raphael moved a hand down and he felt around his utility belt for a set of the Shirai-ryu throwing needles. It had been a while since he had used something like these, considering the last person who used them against happened to be the bladed one himself, The Shredder.

Raphael began to think about this.. Was he having second thoughts? No, he was tactically doing his best to think this over. No longer was he the brash teenager who shed blood at the drop of a hat. He had learned to reign his anger in, and use the fire to burn those who had earned his wrath. And Norman surely earned it. But Raphael had clasped the Shirai-ryu throwing needles, and slipped them into his utility belt.

He had slowly moved his hands down and took a hold of the Tanto within his belt, drawing it out. Raphael had stepped forward.. a feint outlining of his body shown from the moonlight. His features obscured by the darkness, but Norman would make out that there was a big, burly shape..

Norman might laugh.. He might even think that it was just someone wearing a fucking kid’s costume. But just one thing…

He wasn’t wearing a costume..

Fatal Fury



How much longer? How hard could it be to find one fucking little girl? A girl that had been beaten and was panicked surely to the point of hysteria. Norman gaze into the fire as he finished off the tumbler of brandy.

It had been almost a full day since her disappearance.  Norman had all the hospitals checked, all the homeless shelters, and cockroach inns. Her credit cards had not been touched, nor her cellphone. She was either lying in a gutter somewhere or she was nabbed by some low level scum. Norman didn’t care. He just wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to squeal on him. He had been too lenient. He shouldn’t have invested so much in her…she’d just been a toy and she was a weapon.

With a snarl, he hopped to his feet, hurling the glass into the fire where it cracked and shattered. The flames swirled a little higher, greedily lapping up the remains of the alcohol.

He had to find her….even if he had to don the mask…he had to find her…TONIGHT.



A hand rose up to push against the sewer cap that was heavily nestled into the ground. Metal moving against concrete noised through the silent street heavily. But the force pushing against the cap was strong enough to lift it easily enough for an opening to be made. Two hands with three digits on both rose from the darkness of the underground and planted themselves onto the surface.

The red masked Turtle had pulled himself up onto the street and he looked all around himself for the time being as he surveyed his surroundings. Cherry had given him the location of the target’s intended home, and now it was a matter of making sure that everything was in order here. He remained in the darkness and looked around once more.

There, he had noticed a car parked outside of the townhouse which Cherry had described. It was the kind of car that a self-made man would drive, and the kind that was expensive. A car which only the rich could indulge themselves in showing off as they would drive it. Raphael had looked across as he now noticed a couple of guard surrounding the entry. Two big motherfuckers dressed in well pressed suits.

Easy pickings for someone who was known to be stealthy and deadlier than the usual Foot ninja. A small smirk formed on his face as he had moved forward, quickly and silently but keeping to the dark shadows as he did not want to be seen by the guards.

Raphael moved his hands down, and he had took a hold of four shurikens. Two in each hand. As he moved with the shadows and remained in the darkness— Raphael had neared the townhouse and moved from the right, making his way to the front. As he neared the front, Raphael took aim for the two guards, keeping in mind of the neck and temple regions of the head. Without any hesitation, Raphael had threw his hands forward and out— hurling the shurikens quite skillfully at the two guards. Metal soon found themselves embedded into the skull and the jugular arteries of the guards.

Raphael had stared to the car which likely was Norman’s. It was a nice vehicle, one which even Raphael could appreciate.

"Bad ass car.. Shame you gotta go."

He moved his hands down and slipped them into his utility belt, taking a hold of what appeared to be a pyrotechnic fire bomb and a lighter. With a flick of his hand, Raphael caused a small flame to burn from the butane lighter and he had lit the fuse. Immediately Raphael rolled the fire bomb underneath the car, and he let the fuse burn.

Raphael looked up to the window and he noticed a shape behind the curtain sipping from what appeared to be a shot glass or something. A flare of anger welled up within Raphael and he growled in anger. Raphael moved a hand down and he took a hold of another ceramic fire bomb and lit it with the lighter.


"Hope you like fireworks, asshole.."

Raphael took aim at the window where he saw the shape of Norman Osborn taking a drink. He immediately turned and threw his arm up and released the ceramic bomb. With high speed, the ceramic bomb would move in towards the window. Immediately the fire bomb would crash through the window and land in the room which Norman was in.

Raphael had stepped back away and he had immediately turned to run as fast as he could away from the townhouse. He needed to keep away until the time was right to confront his enemy. Because to destroy a self-made man, one needed to destroy what they had earned.

The first ceramic bomb had exploded underneath Norman’s car.. causing the gas tank to rupture and react to the explosion. Fire erupted from the vehicle, sending it perhaps ten feet high up into the air and crashing into the ground. Yellow and orange lights illuminated the front of the townhouse. That had to get Norman’s attention first.

As for the second.. If Norman didn’t react, the ceramic bomb would explode with the equal power of a hand-grenade. If he was lucky to survive.. He’d likely suffer some momentary shock and perhaps some third degree burns. That’s assuming he was lucky to survive..

But the room itself? The floor would catch fire. So would the curtains and the walls. Wild fire would spread through the room and threaten to consume it.. and perhaps Norman as well.

He was done here.. but he was not done with Norman yet. Raphael had slunk back into the shadows and he watched as the room would catch a blade. As he stepped back, Raphael grinned as he remained hidden in plain sight. Norman Osborn’s world was going to burn.. But he was going to leave a message. Moving a hand down, Raphael had gripped a kunai which had a note wrapped on the handle loop. Quickly, he flicked his wrist, throwing the kunai to the lamp post outside of Norman’s home.

The message?

You will never find her.. But I have found you..